Pacific Northwest 2016:
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Tuesday, April 5, 2016: The river was beautiful before dawn the next morning.
As it got brighter out, the silhouette of Mt. Hood was visible in the distance.
Tom stayed in our hotel room and worked for the next couple of days while Debbie attended the 4D Summit. Yes, that is Orchard Software's logo on the Welcome slide because Orchard was a sponsor of the Summit.
After the day's sessions, Mt. Hood was looking fantastic from our hotel window.
Let's take a closer look.
For dinner, we headed out with the Orchard guys. It was a short walk to the nearest tram station.
Once there, seven software engineers attempted to decipher the tram map.
On the tram, our attempts to buy enough tickets for all of us were unsuccessful when the ticket machine malfunctioned. We tried, Portland. We really did.
The tram passed Powell's Books, a bookstore that covers an entire city block.
The tram dropped us off a block away from our destination, ...
... Deschutes Brewery.
At a place like this, your only real option is to go for the beer sampler.
All seven of us did, of course. It's important to soak up the local culture.
After dinner, we chose to walk back to the hotel.
Cute sculpture.
Our route wasn't quite as direct as it could be, because we had to stop at Voodoo Doughnut on the way back.
We waited in the inevitable line and had a good time with our line buddies in front of us.
The theater nearby was a source of amusement while we waited.
The brick wall was glittery. For real.
Getting closer now.
Here's a sign for Kelly's Jelly, a doughnut that is only available on Thursdays. Sadly, it was currently Tuesday.
The stained glass over the door immortalized the Portland Cream, the Voodoo Doll, and the Maple Bacon Bar.
OK, so now we're actually inside the building.
Now that's a doughnut!
So ... many ... doughnuts.
There's one of the adorable Voodoo Doll doughnuts. Aside from being cute, you just can't go wrong with a yeast doughnut with chocolate icing and raspberry filling.
Doughnut artwork. Odd.
We made it to the menu and had to make some tough decisions.
We purchased Captain My Captain, Memphis Mafia, and of course, the Voodoo Doll.
We ate our doughnuts at pink picnic tables outside, right next to this adult establishment that accepts Bitcoin as payment.
We continued our trek, first toward the river, ...
... then through the business district.
Not sure what happened here with these trees and the building around them.

Here's Voodoo Doughnut Pink Box #2.

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