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Wednesday, April 6, 2016: We awoke to yet another perfect sunny day in the Pacific Northwest.
Behold beautiful Mt. Hood!
Debbie spent the day at the 4D Summit once again, along with her Orchard colleagues, all shown here.
This arrangement of tiles was at the back of the stage in the main conference room. Once you see the glaring problem, you can't unsee it.
Meanwhile, Tom grabbed lunch from one of the food trucks nearby.
In the afternoon, Debbie had a tense conversation with her former boss about him trying to recruit her staff, captured here by Tom D. in a well-timed and well-aimed selfie.
Back in our hotel room after the day's sessions, it was getting later in the day but still ridiculously sunny.
Dragon boats plied the water as Mt. Hood looked radiant, as usual.
The most anticipated event of the 4D Summit is the Evening with 4D. This year it was held onboard the Portland Spirit. We walked a couple of blocks up the river to get onboard.
Wayne and Lahav were there to welcome us.
Brian's wife Ann arrived in Portland just in time for the party, which made the evening even more fun.
Tim from 4D was photographer for the evening, so he graciously posed for a photo for Debbie.
The Orchard guys were there, ...
... including Spencer.
Once everyone was onboard, the Portland Spirit would be heading south along the Willamette River.
The first bridge we passed under was the Hawthorne Bridge. It has a vertical lift that had to be raised while we passed underneath.
Here are Debbie and Chuck, ...
... and here's a photo of our hotel.
After we passed under, we went back to sipping our cocktails on the top deck of the boat.
We got to see a couple of colorful dragon boats up close.
Here we are just about to pass under Marquam Bridge.
On the east side of the river was Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), with the USS Blueback submarine docked right out front.
We got an Orchard group photo with the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge in the background.
We passed a line of houseboats just south of Hardtack Island.
Here's Debbie's ideal triple date: us with our wonderful friends Leah & Mike and Ann & Brian. This was the first Summit where all three of the 4D spouses attended.
We passed under the Sellwood Bridge (old version on the left and brand new version on the right) as we ate dinner.
We were still inside as we passed the Waverly Country Club on the east bank.
We went back up on deck for more sightseeing. At a bend in the river, we passed the town of Milwaukie. As a native-born Cheesehead, it pains Debbie to spell it this way.
Our route took us just past Lake Oswego Railroad Bridge before we turned around and headed back up north.
The weather was perfect so it was a great night to be out on deck. Tom valiantly lent jacket to his Leah when it got a little chilly.
Heeeeeere's Wayne!
We passed the expensive homes of Dunthorpe and Riverdale. These homes along Riverside Drive have railroad tracks going right through their back yards and the river as their front yard. Ann and Debbie picked the homes they'd like to own or co-own.
We passed under the Sellwood Bridge again and this time, we got a better look at it. This is the new bridge with the old bridge right behind it.
Lee was a special guest once again, and it was great to see him.
Here are Randy and Kirk, who were also catching up with Lee.
The DJ's sound system on the enclosed deck was so loud that no one wanted to be there for long, but Balinder was busting a move anyway.
Back up top, we were back in Portland proper once again.
They raised the bridge for us again, inconveniencing drivers for our boat cruising pleasure.
Tom D. regaled the Orchard group with stories of programming 4D back in a decade called the 80s.
We all tried to capture the ultimate photo of the ultimate Portland image.
Soon enough, it was time to park the boat and head back to the hotel.
Our first order of business was getting beer.
We were not alone in our quest for beverages. This blurry shot from the hotel bar features Balindar, Tom D., Christian, Ann, Brian, Lahav, and some heads we can't identify.
This slightly less blurry shot features Travis, Phil, Mike, Leah, Debbie, Tom D. (he's everywhere!), William, Spencer, and Ryan.

Here's one of many photos of Debbie and Mike taken all over the world (well, mostly the US but that visit in Austria counts!).

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