Colorado River 1980:
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Tuesday, July 22, 1980: We milled about on the stairs at the Empire House while waiting to leave. The Empire House is now a Rodeway Inn as of this writing, but it remains largely unchanged. That's Kathy, Mom, and me on the left.
Here is a group photo of all of the passengers. We'd all be great friends after a week together.
We were transported the 45 miles from Page to Lees Ferry, where we'd be departing from shortly.
There was a flurry of activity as we helped the crew load cargo and our belongings onto the boat.
We waited impatiently to jump onboard.
Once on the water, it was time to reapply sunscreen. Kathy kept her trusty bottle of Sundown handy.
At Mile 4, we saw Navajo Bridge up ahead.
This was a good time to get photos of everyone on our boat. Here are my dad, Chris, Kevin, Kathy, and my mom, ...
... plus Othon, Marti, Dale, and Terri. They were two families of four from California traveling together along with two of their kids' friends. Not shown: Karen, Bobbi, Mark, and Tony.
Our pilots were Kitch and Mike.
Lunch was served just past the bridge at Mile 4.5.
After lunch, it was naptime for Othon.
After breaks, people would switch positions so that everyone got a chance to be in the best seats. Here are Tony, Marti, and Mark in the "bathtub" - so named because it is the wettest seat in the house in a rapid.
The first 62 miles of the trip are in Marble Canyon, which officially starts at Lees Ferry (Mile 0) and runs to the entrance of the Little Colorado River at Mile 62. Here's the river just before Mile 15.
Here's Mile 15.5, ...
... and a view of our boat just slightly downstream from the last photo.
Here's my dad at Mile 16. He hasn't changed much in 38 years except for having different glasses and more gray hair.
The other boat was right behind us.
It's good to stand up and stretch your legs.
A couple of miles further downstream at Mile 18.5, we had a beverage break. Cans were stored in drag bags in the water behind the boats, where they were chilled by the cold, cold water of the river. Our selection included beer, Country Time Lemonade, Hawaiian Punch, Coke and probably a few other things I've forgotten. Diet Coke had not yet been invented.
Drifting around Mile 21. There's an oar-powered boat from an oar trip next to the other motorized boat in our group.
As the boats got closer to each other, Rewalt got into position to speak to us while Schmedly piloted.
At Mile 23.5, we moved the boats side-by-side so pilot Rewalt could read to us from either the Powell expedition history or from "Raging River - Lonely Trail," a collection of poems and short stories about the river.
Here's another photo from the same break.
As we finished our break, our boat went through 24 Mile Rapid first.
Here are Schmed and Rewalt.
Camp was just upstream from North Canyon and Vasey's Paradise at Mile 31.5. My parents camped by the water, ...

... and Doug, Kathy, and I found a great spot with handy ledges for drying our gear.

The California crew set up their camps near each other.
After dinner, we gathered on the boats for stories and a singalong.
Schmedly led the singing with his banjo.

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