Colorado River 1980:
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Wednesday, July 23, 1980: Mornings come early on the river.
Fortunately, hot coffee was always ready and filling breakfasts were served every day.
After breakfast, there was an optional hike to a nearby cave.

Here's Kathy near the trail, ...
... and here are Tony and Terri on it.
The hike moved up the side of the hill near camp, ...
... then continued down river ...
... to Stanton's Cave. This cave has been fenced or barred over since the late 60s, first to preserve the priceless archaelogical finds inside, then later to preserve the nesting ground for Townsend's big-eared bats.
From outside the cave, there's a view of Vasey's Paradise just downstream.
Speaking of Vasey's Paradise, here is a better shot of it at Mile 32. Just pretend that Doug's head isn't in the way.
Just a little further downstream is Redwall Cavern at Mile 33. It's a huge cavern that is a mandatory stop on any river trip.
It's large enough to play a huge game of Frisbee with no risk of ever hitting the sides.
Kitch got a nap in as Mike kept an eye on the river and steered with his foot.
Here's another shot of Mike. He probably smiled occasionally but there's no photographic proof.
We stopped at Nautiloid Camp at Mile 35 to see fossils.
Here's a fossil of a marine nautiloid we saw. Cool.
We stopped near Mile 41 for a break near where Bert Loper's boat was washed up in 1949.
It was a short hike up to go see it.
Here's the Google Maps Street View of the boat's location, but you're going to really have to use your imagination. It is the grey triangle near the center of this photo.
Can't see it? No wonder - it's barely visible. Here's a portion of the photo above. Now see the grey triangle in the center? That's what is left of the wooden structure.
Lunch was just upstream of Mile 45. This photo took me at least four hours - HOURS - of moving up and down Google Maps Street View to finally find. It appears to be looking downstream, but that is false - it's looking back toward the sharp bend near President Harding Rapid. Note to future self: document every single stop on your river map. Seriously.
I have no idea where this photo was taken, but it was probably taken on this day at some point.
We stopped at the Little Colorado at Mile 61.5. It's one of the great playgrounds of the Colorado. We had a great time floating down the turquoise blue river in life jackets.
Camp was at Cardenas Creek near Mile 71.5. It was nicknamed "Mosquito Heaven" and was just upstream from the start of the big rapids and our third night camp on our 2006 trip.
Here are Steve and Debbie in the back, and Kelly, Kathy, Bob, and Doug in front. That yellow shirt I have on is my beloved Fred's Liquor Store shirt. I still own it. Doug and my dad are holding the Sanderson River Expeditions mugs that were issued to each of us. I still own that too.
If you look closely, you can see us through the smoke waiting for dinner to be ready.

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