Colorado River 1980:
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Thursday, July 24, 1980: We started the day by running some of the really big rapids including Hance, Sockdolager, and this beauty, my favorite, Grapevine. I rode the bathtub through Grapevine, because it is the best seat in the house for a rollercoaster of a rapid.
Here's the view from the other boat as they approached the rapid.
Who can resist this fun?
Here are Rewalt and Jodi downstream from Hance Rapid.
We stopped at Mile 84 to take a hike up Clear Creek.
It was a pleasant walk up a very shallow stream to ...
... a lovely little waterfall area.
In addition to standard waterfall spray, water comes flying out of a chute.
That's me off to the right.
It was great to cool off and play in the water.
Here's a view looking down at the boats parked at the mouth of the creek as we returned from our visit. Note that we didn't have to climb up this far; most likely, this was taken by my dad who likes to do that sort of thing.
We passed under the Kaibab Suspension Bridge at Mile 87.5.
Here's a shot taken with another of our cameras. No idea why it is all fogged over, unless some of the aforementioned large rapids got to it.
Just past the bridge, we spotted something on the canyon wall above us. What can it be?
It was a mule train with passengers headed for Phantom Ranch. If you look really, really closely in the larger version of this photo, you can make out mules and people on the slightly diagonal trail in the bottom third of this photo.
At Mile 93.5, we had an opportunity to photograph our boats running Granite Rapid. One group pulled over to the beach on the south side of the river and got out to watch.
Here's the first boat. That's me on the horn, which is the pointy part of the side pontoons.
And that's me trying to hang on as the horn gets covered by a wave.
Then our boat stopped at the beach and watched the second boat go through.
Here they come!
And there they go!
We did the same thing at Hermit Rapid at Mile 95. Here they go ...
... and they're still going.
At the bottom of the rapid, the other boat watched as our boat went through.
Oh yeah! There I am on the horn again.
That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most fun things you can do on the planet.
According to my notes, we stopped at Shinumo Creek at Mile 108.5, where we "swam in the creek and jumped down the falls." By now, you know the drill - there isn't a single photo of this event. So, here's the Google Maps Street View screen shot of the river where we stopped, ...
... and this photo taken from our 2006 trip when we did the same thing.
This part of the canyon features really cool mixes of black and pink rock.
That evening, we camped at Mile 114.5 just slightly upstream from Garnet Canyon. This is the view looking downstream.
Here's another view of the campsite.

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