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Saturday, June 13, 2015: After some badly-needed sleep, we headed to the main event of the weekend: our nephew Stewart's high school graduation open house. Here's sister-in-law Susan with the Greek-themed lunch buffet, ...
... and here are brother Doug and nephew Stewart with an appropriately-labeled bottle of Diet Coke.
The party treats out on the deck included this adorable keg of root beer, ...
... which Debbie and Stewart were very happy to sample. Cheers!
Here's Stewart with his open house shrine.
Clever Doug had bought some Schilling Cider for his guests, so Debbie's dad enjoyed a can of Schilling Gold Cider.
It had been 11 years since we had last seen Stewart's friend Tyler, and both boys had turn into men since then. Here they are with their class of 2015 wristbands.
Party guests included cousins Karl, Stacia, Gabriel, and Adrian.
Gabriel had his Star Wars sticker book with him and spent some time discussing it with cousins Doug and Debbie.
After the open house ended and we had some time to relax, we headed out to the Ivar's at Mukilteo Landing.
This location was the source of the clam chowder a client sent to Debbie the previous year.
We loaded up on food and then walked over to the beach to eat dinner ...
... and watch the sunset.
Debbie and Doug have this thing where they do this. There are many, many photos of these two taking pictures of each other at the same time.
Not long after sunset, we spotted some sealions in the distance.
Tom, Doug, and Susan had a conversation by the water, ...
... while Grandpa Bob helped his grandson open graduation cards.
This is pretty scenic: a ferry pulling in with the Sound and Mount Baker behind it.
As it got darker, out came the astronomy apps to identify the stars that were showing up.
We were starting to head back ...
... but then we had to go down to the dock to get a look at some sealions who were swimming nearby. Adorbs!

We got our one and only Maersk sighting of the trip as we drove out of the parking lot.

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