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Sunday, June 14, 2015: On Sunday morning, we borrowed our nephew and headed into Seattle.
It was yet another sunny day in Seattle, so apparently our amazing travel weather luck works domestically too.
We parked just off of Alaskan Way and headed up the hill ...
... to Pike Place Market.
Our first stop was to admire the Gum Wall in Post Alley.
Pictures cannot do this place justice ...
... but we tried.
Fortunately, we came prepared with gum and were able to share a few sticks with some Japanese tourists.
Here's where our three globs of used gum went.
This is the entrance to Market Theater, the meeting place for our morning Savor Seattle Food Tour of Pike Place Market. Once we got checked in and set up with headsets so we could hear our guide, we were off. One of the first things our guide, Patrick, told us was that this was noted as one of the germiest places in the world, after the Blarney Stone (where we were headed the very next month!).
Also the next month, we were on a food tour in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the owner told us that he started his food tours after going on this food tour. Small world!
Our first stop was the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company, ...
... where we shared some freshly made sugar donuts.
Then we went to Pike Place Fish Company.
We Indiana-dwellers can only dream of having fresh fish like this available for reasonable prices.
Patrick passed out samples of Copper River smoked salmon ...
... and wild King salmon. Soooo delicious.
We heard all about what fish was currently in season from one of the employees.
One of our groupmates volunteered to try catching a fish.
Nailed it!
We left the main market building ...
... and crossed the street on our way to ...
... Beecher's Homemade Cheese.
Patrick passed around some cheese curds first, ...
... followed by cheese and crackers, ...
... and delicious macaroni and cheese.
Back across the street again, further down in the market building, ...
... we visited Chukar Cherries.
We started out with samples of chips and peach cherry salsa, ...
... then tried five different types of fruit treats.
Back outside again, Stewart got to hold Patrick's umbrella for a minute while he was busy checking on our next stop.
As we walked, we stopped for a second for a quick sample of Fat Toad Farm caramel sauce from the Truffle Cafe.
Here's a cool sculpture.
We passed Frank's Quality Produce Co. for the second time and were given samples of freshly-cut peach.
Oh, my. So many hot sauces and our beloved GuaranĂ¡ Antarctica, but no time to shop and no room in our luggage for purchases!
Our next stop was Pike Place Chowder, where we enjoyed tasty chowder and crackers.
We were happy to not have to stand in line with the crowd at Piroshky Piroshky, ...
... because Patrick went inside and brought out a tray of sweet and savory piroshkies.
Our last stop was outside of Etta's, ...
... where we started with freshly-made crab cakes.
Mmmmm, delicious!
Our last sample of the day was a tasty caramel candy.
Right about then, Stewart got a text from a friend who had spotted him from across the street.
When the tour was over, we crossed the street to Victor Steinbrueck Park, ...
... and checked out the views of the Olympics over Puget Sound, ...
... and the Seattle waterfront with Mount Rainier in the distance.
Then we headed back toward the market and stopped for a cup of cider.
We drove through some neighborhoods on our way back and were thrilled to see a Winchell's Donut House along the way. Psych! It wasn't a Winchell's. The building was used for something else now but no one had bothered to take down the sign. Sad face.
Happy face again! Mount Rainier was radiant in the sunlight as we crossed Lake Washington again toward Woodinville.
Sorry, Stewart, but this was the only photo we got of our lunch outing to TacoTime. Who knew a Mexican fast food restaurant served tater tots? Well, we do now.
Back at Schilling Central, it was time for science as the combined minds of three different engineers were put to the test of trying to get Debbie's failed Science Day experiment to work. They never really got that battery to fly through the coiled copper wire like we saw on that Youtube video but they got it moving a little.
For dinner, we ate at Ivar's Salmon House, which is the fancy restaurant attached to the Ivar's Fish Bar we had visited two nights earlier. This was our third new Ivar's location of the trip.
After dinner, we went out back ...
... to enjoy a similar view to the one we had seen on Friday.

Mount Rainier was a vision once again at sunset.

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