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Monday, June 15, 2015: Bob, Doug, Tom, and Debbie all headed into the mountains for a trip to Snoqualmie Falls, while Stewart, Susan, and Becky slept in. We didn't even make it out of the parking lot before we saw our first amazing sight: this BMW i8.
Tom had to take a photo of it, so Doug had to take a photo of Tom taking a photo, so Debbie had to take a photo of Doug taking a photo of Tom.
The Salish Lodge & Spa is located right at the edge of the falls, and we would be heading there for lunch after our sightseeing.
Here are the beautiful Falls, ...
... plunging into the Snoqualmie River below.
We were there!
Raspberry bushes were all over the grounds, so we helped ourselves to some ripe raspberries along the way.
We ate a delicious lunch inside the lodge.
Next, we headed out to do a little more sightseeing, including up-close views of the dam, ...
... and the valley below.
Next, we headed to DigiPen Institute of Technology, where Doug is a professor.
Here's the main entrance, ...
... where this dragon sculpture awaits visitors.
We got a nice tour of the facility. The school focuses on creating videogames, so here is some game artwork.
We visited the art studio and got to meet the gentleman who created the dragon sculpture (not pictured here so don't try to find him).
Here is Doug in his office. That impressive title on his door reads: "Department Chair, Game Software Design and Production."
In the late afternoon, we headed north to Edmonds, where Stewart's commencement would take place. We got a good look at beautiful Mount Baker in the distance as we drove.
We met at Scuttlebutt Brewing for dinner (minus Stewart, who had been dropped off with his class already). Of course, Tom had to try the Gale Force IPA they brewed.
Aren't Doug and Susan adorable together?
We headed to XFINITY Arena for the graduation ceremony. Susan had won front row seats to the graduation in a fundraising raffle, so we had a nice close view of the proceedings.
The graduating class entered in groups of four, with arms linked. Here's Stewart's friend Tyler on the right.
Here's the graduation ceremony taking place, ...
... and there's our graduate. His row was right in front of our seats.
Off he goes to graduate, ...
... and there he is after receiving his diploma.
Those duelling siblings cameras are out again.
After the ceremony, here were the proud parents with the graduate.

Earlier at dinner, we had found out that there weren't enough chaperones for the all-night senior party, so we volunteered to help. Here's the graduate finding out that those wristbands meant that his aunt and uncle would be joining his mother as chaperones. Poor Stewart!

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