Seattle 2015:
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Monday, continued: Right after the graduation ceremony, Doug drove us to our hotel to change clothes, grab coats, and get more comfortable shoes, then he drove us to the top secret first location, Family Fun Center. We patiently waited in the parking lot until the buses arrived featuring hoards of kids around 11:00 PM.
All of the chaperones were assigned to different locations throughout the party, and this was Debbie's first post. As the evening got colder, this activity got less popular.
Tom's first post was the outdoor go-kart course. We changed locations regularly and got a chance to get some food as well.
Tuesday, June 16, 2015: By 2:00 AM, it was time to leave so we gathered the kids and got them loaded onto the buses again.
There were prize giveaways on the bus during our drive to the next location: ...
... downtown Seattle! We were back to the very location where we had started our food tour two days earlier.
We would be spending the next several hours at the Hard Rock Hotel. The party started on the first floor with a Fear Factor-style competition starring some of the students.
Up on the roof was an open-air lounge with heaters and a fire pit.
A magician was there to entertain the students and one or two of the chaperones. This trick involved Tom's wedding ring.
The second floor had the dance floor and a hypnotist later on.
Oh my, we were starting to get sleepy by 4:25 AM. The sky was just barely showing signs of dawn.
A little over an hour later, it was completely light out and time to load up the buses again.
Bye, Hard Rock! Thanks for an unforgettable night!
Back at Inglemoor High School, phones were returned to students, students were returned to parents, and we returned to our hotel. Then we picked up Bob and Becky, dropped them off at the airport, killed some time, returned our rental car, and headed to the airport ourselves.
We had one last chance to enjoy some Ivar goodness, ...
... and we did. Oh, crab cocktail -- heavenly!
One of the great joys of flying into or out of Seattle is the great view of the mountains. In this photo, three of the great ones are visible, but we'll zoom in on them for better viewing.
That's majestic Mt. Rainier on the left, ...
... with Mt. Adams on the left in this photo and Mt. St. Helens on the right.

The view flying into San Francisco a little over an hour later for our layover was also pretty impressive.

** THE END **

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