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For Christmas 2001, our friends Laura and Tom gifted us with a fabulous assortment of unusual beverages. Well, if there's anything we love, it's an opportunity for a taste test! Here are the results of our judging:

Name: Chocomel
Tastes Like: Cooked chocolate pudding in creamy liquid form
Drinkability: Excellent; starts out slowly but begins to grow on you until you must have more


Name: Love Potion #69
Bottle Slogan: "Drink My Pink"
Tastes Like: Watery, carbonated version of Robitussin
Drinkability: Poor. Ick. Double Ick.

Name: Rat B*stard
Tastes Like: The most delicious Root Beer imaginable
Drinkability: Excellent


Name: The Brainalizer
Bottle Slogan: "Use Your Brain"
Tastes Like: Mild fruit punch
Drinkability: Fair; would be better served ice cold on a summer day

Name: Fukola Cola
Bottle Slogan: "You Know You Want It"
Tastes Like: Delicious cola-flavored Bottle Caps candy
Drinkability: Excellent for a non-diet cola


Name: Whoop Ass
Tastes Like: Very intense and sugary
Drinkability: Average on a very hot day; poor inside on a winter's day

Name: Sol Rio
Tastes Like: Light, carbonated version of Cherry Kool-Aid
Drinkability: Excellent

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