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In the fall of 2002, we purchased a swim spa from Royal Spa, and hired Champion Windows to build a room around it. The entire project took about three months from the day our old deck was torn down to the day our tile floor was installed.

The Spa Arrives

Our swim spa arrived the day before Halloween 2002. It took one truck to deliver it, and another truck to carry the crane which would lift the spa over the house. Here's the spa being lifted over the roof...

... and guided into position on our new cement slab where our deck used to be.

Here's the view from our kitchen after the spa was in place and before the room was built around it.

The Room Is Complete

When the four-season sun room was completed, we added a tiled floor, chairs, bathrobes, towels and pool toys to create the final product.

The exterior of our stone fireplace blends in well with the new room built around it.

This was Tito and Spike's favorite room in the house.

Guests Come To Visit

We've hosted some special guests in our spa, starting with our adorable nephew, Stewart ...

... a tubful of Debbie's family during Christmas 2002 ...

... a tubful of friends on New Year's Eve 2002 ...

... and another adorable nephew, Jack, in February 2003.


Here is Jack again, in August 2003 (left) and December 2003 (right).

When Jill was a girl, her slumber parties usually included a dip in the spa. Here's Jill with two friends in February 2004.

Our little friend Katherine came to visit in October 2004.

Jill and her cousins Zackary, Jack, and Kassidy had a dip on Easter 2005.

Jill and friends in February 2006.

Jack, Kassidy, and Zackary were back for more in March 2007.

Refilling The Spa


By now, you may be wondering, "How do they keep the water clean in that thing?" Well, we spend a few minutes each week on normal pool maintenance, drain it every spring and refill it every fall. On the left is the spa as the old water is being pumped out, and on the right, Tito inspects the empty spa for any remaining water.


We now refill the pool ourselves, but we used to hire a pool water delivery service. Here is the pool water company arriving with a truck full of hot water. The hose reaches around the back of the house...


... into the spa, and off we go! Starting time: 11:00 AM.


At 11:04 AM, the spa is nearly half full again. It took eight hours to drain, but is refilled in 8 minutes.

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