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In the summer of 2000, there were 75 Snoopy sculptures on display in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since we never made it up to Chicago to see their famous cow statues, this was the first time we had seen an art exhibit like this. After several years of these, we started to collect photos of them on our travels, and this page was born.

Cape Town, South Africa 2023: Rhinos

These are on display at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town as part of 2023's The Rhinos Are Coming installation.


Shelbyville, Kentucky 2023: Horses

These beauties stand outside of a rest area in Kentucky.

Florence, Oregon 2023: Sea Lions

These are from the Dancing with Sea Lions series of 2016.

Great Falls, Montana 2023: Bison

These are from the Great Buffalo Hunt of 2003.

Custer, South Dakota 2023: Bison

These statues are part of the Custer Stampede Buffalo Art Auction, held annually for several years.


Le Mars, Iowa 2023: Ice Cream Cones

Billing itself as the Ice Cream Capital of the World, Le Mars features 50+ ice cream cone sculptures around town.


Dubuque, Iowa 2023: Toads

This guy was part of the 2005 Toadally Frogs collection.

Rochester, Minnesota 2023: Canada Geese

These geese are part of Rochester's Art Walk.

South Padre Island, Texas 2023: Sea Turtles

These turtles are a part of South Padre's permanent Sea Turtle Art Trail.

South Padre Island, Texas 2021 and 2023: Sand Castles

These turtles are a part of South Padre's permanent Sand Castle Art Trail.


Cañon City, Colorado 2022: Dinosaurs and Bighorn Sheep

As part of Dino Daze 2017 and 2018, statues of different types of dinosaurs and, inexplicably, bighorn sheep, were placed in Cañon City.


Sedalia, Missouri 2022: Bicycles

Sedalia placed 18 bicycle sculptures around town in 2019.

Winchester, Virginia 2022: Apples

These were placed around town in 2005 to celebrate the city's history of harvesting more than ten million bushels of apples every year.

Washington, DC 2022: Pandas

This (and a black-and-white striped one across the road) were part of the "PandaMania exhibit" from 2004 that placed 150 of the statues around the city.

Winnipeg, Manitoba 2022: Polar Bears

These were part of the 2005 "Bears on Broadway." There were originally 75 statues made.

Chicago, Illinois 2021: Fishes and Suns

We saw several fish statues and sun statues but only got decent night photos of one each representing Greektown's Fun & Fanciful Fish and Hello Helios! art installations.

Pontiac, Illinois 2021: Cars

Downtown Pontiac features miniature cars including '57 Chevys and pickup trucks.


Baltimore, Maryland 2021: Crabs

This statue was one of many that were created in 2005 for the Baltimore Crabtown Project.

Albany, New York 2021: Nippers

These little Nippers statues were part of the "Downtown is Pawsome" program in 2019 - 2020.

Buffalo, New York 2021: Buffalo

These buffalo statues (ahem, bison) were part of the "Buffalo Roam!" tour in 2004.

Vermillion County, Indiana 2021: Giraffes

We tried to find a map of these giraffe statues but we gave up, so it was a nice treat to run across one of them at the Beef House restaurant in Covington while looking for one of Indiana's "Bison-tennial" statues.

Grant County, Indiana 2021: Garfield

These are a set of non-identical statues scattered around Marion, Indiana, and other towns in Grant County. The first one was placed in 2006. Garfield's creator, Jim Davis, is an Indiana native.

Cody, Wyoming 2021: Bison

These bison statues were among 30 bison that were created in 2015.


Cody, Wyoming 2021: Grizzly Bears

These bear statues were among 25 grizzly bears created for "A Gathering of Grizzlies" in 2008.


Jackson, Wyoming 2021: Bison

This statue was one of a series in Jackson's past, but we couldn't find anything more specific than that.

Prosser, Washington 2021 & 2022: Horses

These were created in 2019 as Prosser's "Parade of Ponies."


Fargo, North Dakota 2021: Bison

These bison were a part of "Herd About The Prairie: A Virtual Art Stampede" in 2005.

Roseville, Minnesota 2021: Roses

These beauties were part of "Roseville in Bloom - 20 Roses for 2020."

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 2021: Ducks

This rubber duckie statue was one of Harrisburg's 2017 "Discover the Ducks" series.

Lindsborg, Kansas 2021: Dala Horses

These Dala horses have been added over the years, with a fresh infusion in 2020.

Wichita, Kansas 2021: Keeper of the Plains

These Keepers of the Plain statues were created in 2017 and 2020.

Marion, Kansas 2021: Rhinoceroses

These tiny rhinoceroses have been added over the years.


Chicago, Illinois 2020: Ducks

These statues were part of 25 "Ducks on the Mag Mile." They were scheduled to be on display through August 9, 2020, but were still there when we visited in early September.


Chicago, Illinois 2020: Horses

These two statues were part of the "Horses of Honor" art program in 2017.

Chicago, Illinois 2020 and Seattle, Washington 2015: Dala Horses

These two statues were part of a series of Dala horses created for SWEA International's 25th Anniversary to share with American and international SWEA organizations. We saw the horse on the left at the Swedish American Museum in Chicago and the horse on the right at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle.

Lawrence, Kansas 2020 and 2021: Jayhawks

These Kansas Jayhawk statues were part of the "Jayhawks on Parade" series in 2003.

Topeka, Kansas 2020 and 2021: Ichabods

These Ichabod Washburn statues were part of the "Ichabods Around Town" series in 2015.

Amarillo, Texas 2020, 2021: Quarter Horses

Amarillo's "Hoof Prints of the American Quarter Horse" statue collection was started in 2002.


Slidell, Louisiana 2019: Pelicans

Slidell's "Pelicans on Parade" were created in 2013.


Cleveland, Ohio 2019: Guitars

These guitars are likely left over from the fourth GuitarMania event in 2012.

Cleveland, Ohio 2019: Script Sculptures

These don't really match the theme of this page, but they're just as collectible.

Hammond, Indiana 2019: Ducks

This duck statue was one of Highland, Indiana's 2003 Downtown Ducks. This duck is at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond.

La Crosse, Wisconsin 2018: Herons

First created in 2008, these heron statues were restored for a 10th anniversary display in 2018.

Fort Wayne, Indiana 2018: Mastodons

These two were members of the "Mastodons on Parade," created in 2004 to celebrate Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne's 40th anniversary.

Madison, Wisconsin 2018: Bucky Badger

"Bucky on Parade" was in full swing when we visited Madison.

New York City, New York 2018: Candy

French sculptor Laurence Jenkell's Flag Candy sculptures are being exhibited inside New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Cortez, Colorado 2017: Pumas

This puma statue on the left was titled "Sky Prowler" and was part of the "Pumas on Parade" exhibit in 2005 sponsored by the San Juan Mountains Association. Attempts to find more statues in nearby towns were unsuccessful, but we happened upon a second one quite by chance two years later in Moab, Utah.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2017, 2021: Buffalos

These were part of Oklahoma City's "Spirit of the Buffalo" statues in 2004.

Southwestern Wisconsin 2017: Cows

We encountered two cows in Monroe, Wisconsin, then quite a few more in New Glarus, just up the road. These have the same mix of head-up/head-down body styles seen on other cow statues further down on this page.

Scandia, Minnesota 2017: Dala Horses

These Dala horse statues were part of a dozen that were created in 2006 for Gammelgården Museum's Dala Hast Fest.

Elkhart, Indiana 2017: Elk

These elk statues were among 30 placed in 2011 as part of "Elkhart on Parade" which raised funds for CAPS, a child abuse prevention agency.

Elkhart, Indiana 2017: Hearts

In 2014, the Elkhart General Hospital Foundation created and sold 20 fiberglass heart statues. Get it? Elk and heart? Elkhart?


Indiana 2017, 2019, 2020, and 2021: Bison

These statues were part of the 2016 Indiana Association of United Ways' Bison-tennial Art Project, which aims to place a bison statue in each of Indiana's counties. We spotted the first near Elkhart in 2017, one in Hammond in 2019, two in downtown Indianapolis in 2020, one in Angola in 2021, and one in Covington in 2021.

Rawlins, Wyoming 2016: Pronghorn

These statues were all located at the Wyoming State Penitentiary. The first three were part of the 2006 "Pronghorn Pride Initiative Project." The fourth was from the 2007 version.

Cheyenne, Wyoming 2016: Boots

Cheyenne has 19 large cowboy boot sculptures scattered around town. They are eight feet tall and have been painted to showcase Wyoming's and Cheyenne's history.

St. Maarten 2015: Camels

These identical statues were in a duty free store at the Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten.

Brookville, Indiana 2015: Roosters

These roosters date back to at least 2010, according to the Internet.

Calais, France 2015: Elephants

The "Elephant Parade," featuring brightly painted elephant statues, was underway from June to September 2015.

Southampton, England 2015: Rhinos

As we walked through the dock area, we passed this rhinocerous statue, one of the "Go Rhinos" collection on display in Southampton in 2013.

Guernsey, Channel Islands 2015: Donkeys

We spotted this donkey statue in a building on LeFebvre Street. It was part of the "Guernsey Donkey Parade" in 2011. We saw a second one later in the day but didn't catch a photo of it.

Liverpool, England 2015: Penguins

This penguin statue was part of the "Liverpool Penguins" series in 2009.

Glasgow, Scotland 2015: Cows

If you look very closely at the upper left window, you'll see a cow statue. He's a member of the 2014 "Cow Parade" in Glasgow.

Stockholm, Sweden 2013: Dala Horses

These two statues might be unrelated as they appear to be the only two in Stockholm, but we're including them here anyway.

Clearwater, Florida 2013: Dolphins

We only saw one statue from Clearwater's 2012 "Dolphins Trail" when we were first there in 2013. A friend posted a photo of another one in 2017, then we returned to the same welcome center to find a different one in 2018, and a different welcome center to find another in 2023.

Atlanta, Georgia 2013: Dolphins

These friendly creatures are on display in front of the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia 2013: Coca-Cola Bottles

The Coca-Cola Museum features these scattered throughout the building.

Vancouver, British Columbia 2012: Terra Cotta Warriors

We spotted only two of the several dozen terra cotta warrior replicas on display in the summer of 2012.

Hong Kong 2012: Bears

These are two of the United Buddy Bears from Germany and they now live permanently on the Kowloon waterfront.

Minneapolis, Minnesota 2010: Baseball Players

Baseball players marked with a year and covered with memorabilia and clippings of the Minnesota Twins from that year were scattered throughout downtown Minneapolis as part of the "Twins Around Town" event marking 50 years of Minnesota Twins baseball.

Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria 2010: Cows

We saw three different body styles of cow statues scattered across Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Austria. The first two are from Zurich, Switzerland, the third is from Oberalppass, Switzerland, the fourth is from Liechtenstein, and the last two are from Salzburg, Austria.

Bath, England 2010: Lions

These were all over the lovely city of Bath and looked fairly new. Our favorite was the first one, which was mounted on the roof of a chocolate shop.

Munich, Germany 2010: Lions

We only saw one lion in Olympiapark, but it was clearly part of an older statue event, so we did a little research. The lions date back to 2005 and were selected because the lion is the symbol of Munich.

Andermatt, Switzerland 2010: Bears

It just took a few minutes to drive through this little town, but we saw two bears while we were there. I'm sure there would have been more if we'd taken the time to look. These turned out to be part of the United Buddy Bears as well.

South Deerfield, Massachusetts 2009: Cows

These cows live at the Yankee Candle Store in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.

St. Paul, Minnesota 2008: Snoopy and Woodstock

In 2004, the final Peanuts statue collection in St. Paul featured Snoopy and Woodstock.

Red Wing, Minnesota 2008: Boots

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Red Wing Boots, the town of Red Wing, Minnesota, featured boots scattered throughout the town in 2008.

Cairo, Egypt 2007: Bears

While on a dinner cruise on the Nile River in Egypt, we spotted this display of bear statues along the bank. There were probably 100 statues in all, and they were identical to the bears we had seen in Berlin, Germany in 2002. We later learned that they were the very same: the United Buddy Bears on tour.

Lafayette, Indiana 2005: Frogs

We packed up Claire and her wheelchair and headed north to Lafayette, Indiana on Tom's birthday to see their exhibit of frog statues. We had perfect weather as we strolled through downtown Lafayette. We also stopped by the Purdue campus in West Lafayette and got a shot of the Purdue frog at the Chauncey Hill Mall.

Berea, Kentucky 2003: Hands

While stopping in Berea, Kentucky, on our way to a weekend in Asheville, North Carolina, we happened upon a display of hand statues. One, in front of the Berea College Crafts Store, was so new it was being installed when we photographed it. At this point, we officially had a collection of statue photos, and this page was born. In 2018, we saw a metal version of these statues at the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, so we included it here too.

St. Paul, Minnesota 2003: Linus

St. Paul followed up their popular Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Lucy statues with Linus in the summer of 2003. As before, Jill was there with her grandparents to see them. We spotted another Linus statue 16 years later in Bemidji.

Indianapolis, Indiana 2003: Race Cars

When Indianapolis decided to create a collection of statues in May 2003, it was an easy decision to feature race cars. Cars were scattered throughout the city, with a large concentration in the downtown area, including inside Circle Center Mall and around Monument Circle in the heart of downtown.

St. Paul, Minnesota 2002: Lucy

Jill missed St. Paul's 2001 display of Charlie Brown statues, but got to see the 2002 Lucy statues with her Grandma and Grandpa Schilling. Nineteen years later, we spotted another one on St. Clair Avenue in St. Paul.

Berlin, Germany 2002: Bears

Berlin, Germany featured statues of bears in the summer of 2002. There were dozens representing countries around the world, arranged in a circle near the Brandenburg Gate. Bears of different designs were scattered throughout the city. The Statue of Liberty bear on the middle picture represented the United States of America. Our favorite, Cheese Bear, stood on the Kurfurstendamm.

Toronto, Ontario 2000: Moose

Toronto had dozens of moose sculptures on display that fall.

St. Paul, Minnesota 2000: Snoopy

In the summer of 2000, there were 75 Snoopy sculptures on display in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since we never made it up to Chicago to see their famous cow statues, this was the first time we had seen an art exhibit like this.

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