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Wingspread, Racine, WI, 2016

Taliesin Visitor Center, 2017

Hillside Studio, 2017

Taliesin, 2017

Unity Chapel Cemetery, 2017

Taliesen West, 2017

Seth Peterson Cottage, 2018

First Unitarian Society Meeting House, 2018

Monona Terrace, 2018

Pettit Memorial Chapel, 2019

Dana-Thomas House, 2019

Wescott House, 2019

Laurent House, 2019

Gammage Auditorium, 2020

Arizona Biltmore, 2020

Promenade Spire, 2020

FLW Home, 2020

FLW Studio, 2020

Robie House, 2020

Emil Bach House, 2020
Henry Allen House, 2021

Passed By

Golden Rondelle, 2016

Midway Barn, 2017

Herbert Jacobs II House, 2018

Eugene Van Tamelen House, 2018

Walter Rudin House, 2018

Herbert Jacobs I House, 2018

Eugene Gilmore House, 2018

Robert Lamp House, 2018

Lawrence Memorial Library, 2019

Arthur B. Heurtley House, 2020

Laura Gale House, 2020

Peter & Emma Beachy House, 2020

Frank Thomas House, 2020

Hills-DeCaro House, 2020

Nathan Moore House, 2020

Unity Temple, 2020

Don Stromquist House, 2021

Elizabeth & William Tracy Home, 2021

Teater Studio Home, 2021

Fasbender Clinic, 2021

FLW Tiles

Travel Collections: [Air and Space] [Fish] [FLW] [Hotels] [Ice Bars] [Misc.] [National Parks] [Signs] [Capitols] [Main] [Contact Us] [Events] [Family] [Fun] [Garden] [Misc.] [Photos] [Search] [Site Index] [Travel]

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