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Sunday, September 18, 2022: Six days have passed. Debbie had her biopsy and the results came back that it was a benign schwannoma, which was the best result we could hope for. To celebrate, we decided to redo the trip that was cut short. Jill and Jared invited us to come to their house on Saturday to play games, and we decided to turn it into a sleepover and leave from their house on Sunday morning. We hit the road just before 10 AM, ...
... and a little while later Septimus turned over 105,000 miles.
We decided to mix it up a little bit and head to Pennsylvania via Cinncinnati, ...
... so that we could stop at the Kenwood Towne Centre, ...
... at the LEGO Store, of course.
Darth Vader must have asked for a transfer from the Pittsburgh store.
There was a good mix of some new bricks and some of the same ones we had been seeing, but we managed to fill a cup without repeating too much.
We headed northeast from Cinncinnati, which took us past Kings Island amusement park. It was good to see that it was still here, and the parking lot was pretty full for a private event.
Lunch was from Popeye's outside Jeffersonville, Ohio.
It was our friend Ann's birthday, and she was in Columbus on business, so we waved in her direction as we drove through.
We had driven I-70 through Wheeling the previous week, so this time we drove I-470 to get a change of scenery.
Barges lined the Ohio River, ...
... as we crossed the border into West Virginia.
North of us, we could see the blue bridge on I-70 over the Ohio River that we had taken last week.
13 minutes later, we were in Pennsylvania.
Near Belle Vernon, PA, we crossed this beautiful bridge ...
... over the Monongahela River.
We left the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Somerset, where this elephant statue greeted us from the parking lot of the Eat'n Park restaurant, ...
... and next door was this giant globe near the Jenny Products building. The globe advertised their steam cleaners, pressure washers, and air compressors.
We drove through the countryside south of the turnpike, ...
... seeing our first cattle stampede. Well, it may not have been a stampede, but they were running like they were late for dinner.
Around 6:30 PM we arrived at Shawnee State Park, almost exactly seven days to the hour after we had arrived last time.
Refreshing drinks were served after the tent was set up, ...
... in the awesome spot directly across from the one we had stayed in the week before.
Doesn't the tent look fun and inviting?
Dinner was beef pasta marinara, made with water boiled in the hot pot.
Unlike last week, there was no rain forecast overnight, so we slept without the rainfly. It's so nice to be able to lay in bed and look up at the stars.
We made one last trip to the bathroom, ...
... and then settled in for the night. 

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