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Sunday, October 3, 2004

9:39 AM: After a mandatory rest period, we reconvened over breakfast for our final day of Vegas fun. The buffet at the Boardwalk was delicious!
10:17 AM: We checked out and barely made a dent in Queenie's trunk with our luggage. Here is our beloved Queenie in front of the Boardwalk.
10:45 AM: As soon as we arrived in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace, Orchy needed to pose with the statues.
10:58 AM: While we waited for the Atlantis Fountain show to begin, we admired the huge aquariums filled with tropical fish.
11:09 AM: At 11:00 AM, the Atlantis Fountain came to life, with several animatronic figures and special effects. This photo was taken during the big finale.
11:34 AM: Next, we went next door to the Mirage and made our way to the back of the hotel where Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden is located.
11:48 AM: There are many dolphins in the first area of the Secret Garden. Visitors can view them from several underwater vantage points.
11:53 AM: There are many places to see the dolphins up close above ground as well.
12:05 PM: The real attractions are the lions and tigers, though. Here is a beautiful white lion.
12:06 PM: Here's Gildah, the elephant.
12:10 PM: On the day we visited, it was both Roy Horn's birthday and exactly one year since his tiger attack, so visitors were sending him birthday wishes.
12:16 PM: Every cat enjoys relaxing, including leopards.
12:38 PM: So do tigers. This tiger was in a large, glassed area near the casino entrance.
12:54 PM: Next, we walked past Caesar's Palace to visit the Bellagio. Here is the long corridor of schmancy shops. Seasonal decorations included large glass leaves in fall colors suspended from the atrium ceiling.
1:02 PM: Another large atrium contained beautiful fall floral displays and fountains.
1:07 PM: The most beautiful display of all was the assortment of glass blossoms hanging in the main entry.
1:23 PM: As impressive as the Bellagio is, we didn't find much to hold our interest, so we headed back to Caesar's Palace to get our car.
1:26 PM: Just inside the entrance, we were delighted to find that there was a television series being filmed that day at Caesar's, and maybe, just maybe, we might be in a scene. If we did not give our consent to be filmed, we were not supposed to enter. Our resident filmmakers, Gina and Audrey, know all about such matters.
1:29 PM: We encountered a life-size copy of Michaelangelo's David, so we felt better about missing the original by not making the side trip to Florence when we were in Italy in July. It's a very large statue, copy or not.
1:55 PM: We thought we'd enjoy lunch at In-n-Out Burger, which is a West Coast tradition.
2:08 PM: After waiting in a mob for nearly 20 minutes for our food, we decided that the West Coast can keep this tradition.
2:45 PM: We had one last hotel to visit before reluctantly heading home: the Mandalay Bay. Our first stop was Red Square, a vodka bar with a headless statue of Lenin at the entrance.
2:46 PM: Prior to our trip, we were excited to hear that it had an ice bar, but Internet research revealed that it was a bar that contained ice, which is a totally different thing. It is beautiful, nonetheless, with the frozen slab of ice lit from beneath. Sadly, the bar was not open for business until later that day.
2:50 PM: Next, we happened across the famous Aureole Restaurant. Very cool sign.
2:51 PM: Aureole boasts a multi-story wine rack, from which "wine angels" attached to cables retrieve the bottles of wine. After reading about it, we really enjoyed seeing it in person. This, too, was not open at the time of our visit, but that was fine with us.
3:12 PM: Brent tried his hand at the huge slot machine, and as you can see, he came very close to winning.
4:30 PM: We left the Mandalay Bay, returned our car, and checked in for our flight home. Our adventure coming to a close, we enjoyed one last beverage at the airport bar. Cheers! Let's do this again in 10 years!

** THE END **

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