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Thursday, April 8, 2021: Waking to a beautiful sunrise over a creek is a pretty great way to start the day.
After a delicious oatmeal breakfast and a trip to the restrooms, we unplugged and headed out.
We passed the tent campsites on our way out and they had even prettier creek views.
We crossed the bridge that we saw from our campsite.
We saw a water tower with a chicken painted on it. It belonged to Bell & Evans, ...
... which we quickly discovered owned everything in the area.
This baby chicken sign was for the Bell and Evans hatchery.
We also passed a fancy building that was probably their headquarters ...
... and there was an HR building down the road.
Maersk! There were so many Maersk sitings we didn't bother to keep score.
Here's the Schuykill River.
We passed through Easton, Pennsylvania, briefly but we'd be right back.
We were headed over this big green bridge ...
... across the Delaware River. See that little bridge in the distance? We were heading there soon.
Welcome to New Jersey! This was The Ocho's 20th state.
Phillipsburg, New Jersey, must be the land of adorable diners. Here's one ...
... and here's the next one.
Please can we add hexagon rooms to our house?
We had originally come to Phillipsburg to go to a car wash but found it wasn't large enough for our little Class B RV, so we worked our way through town to our next destination via the Morris Canal area.
We didn't make it much beyond this when we had to turn around because of a temporary road blockage.
We passed through an autistic child area. As parents of an autistic child, it warms our hearts to see safety signs like this.
We arrived at Jimmy's Doggie Stand which is right across the street from the Delaware River.
Debbie got two hot dogs with fried onions and Tom got his topped with sauerkraut. We enjoyed our meal at a picnic table out front in the perfect weather.
After lunch, we walked 10 yards to the waterfront. This beauty is the Delaware Bridge which was built in 1895.
There's the town of Easton, Pennsylvania, across the river.
The historic Delaware Bridge doesn't allow vehicles of our size to cross it, so we had to backtrack to get on the road to the big green bridge again. It's a toll bridge so we got out our handy EZPass transponder from our metal box of transponders.
Once in Easton, we passed this oversized bicycle on top of a bike shop, just as Roadside America foretold.
This little tree sculpture was cute too.
We stopped just for a second at Riverside Park where the Lehigh River (right) meets the Delaware River.
Our next stop was the reason for being so far east in Pennsylvania even though it added 2 1/2 hours to our drive: Weyerbacher Brewing.
We were here to buy everything we could get our hands on that had Weyerbacher printed on it as a gift for our daughter and her partner. We bought 4- or 6-pack of each type of beer, tulip glasses, pint glasses, ...
... an insulated mug, four little blue footballs, and a t-shirt for each of them.
Here's the front of the main hall/tasting room, ...
... and here's the view toward the back.
After we selected four assorted cold bottles of beer for us to try later on, Tom paid for our haul and we carried it all back to The Ocho in two Weyerbacher case boxes.
Sure, it looks a little extreme, but four of the glasses were for us.
It was a great surprise for the folks back home and was well worth the stop and detour!
We had a long afternoon of driving but got to enjoy the scenery of the Pocono Mountains, a place neither of us had been before.
We had a late afternoon McDonald's dinner. When we can't find a local chain to feed us, it's really convenient to use the McDonald's app to get our food delivered to our rig when we pull up.
We were enjoyed a nice drive through the Pennsylvania countryside.
We passed several Pennsylvania Dutch people, including these schoolboys here.
Some of the homes had barns instead of garages, which makes much more sense ...
... in a land of horse-and-buggy transportation.
More pretty scenery.
We spotted a Sapp Bros. sign and wondered if the bathroom experience would be as magical as it had been at the Salt Lake City location in February.
Tom reported that it was not.
Here's the Clarion River ...
... and here it is again.
Welcome to Ohio! At this point, the rain that had been heading our way finally hit, so we drove through a lot of water. This will be an important point later in our story.
As we got closer to our campground for the evening, we found ourselves on the same road that we took quite a bit when our daughter was attending Kent State over a decade earlier. We passed the familiar blue Kent State signs, ...
... her orthodontist's office, ...
... and more Kent State banners, ...
... before arriving at Silver Springs Park in Stow, Ohio.
Once we found the correct entrance, it took a while to decide if we could stay here or not. We realized that finding another campground was out of the question at 7:00 PM, so we had to make this work.
The campsite we had reserved was okay, ...
... but we had to pull way forward in our site to find a level spot and to reach our extension cord to the shared electrical pole one foot away from our next door neighbors. It was about this time that we discovered that our ceiling was leaking. We got it dried up and eventually diagnosed it as a leak that would only occur when driving at highway speeds into a driving rain (and could be fixed with better seals around the pop top), but it was disappointing to discover.
It had been a long day, so it was time to enjoy our Weyerbacher beer sampler. Unfortunately, we opened all four bottles before reading the ABV numbers on the bottles: they ranged between 9% and 12%, so we ended up way more inebriated than we expected. A bottle each would have been plenty!
Later on, the camp host stopped by to officially check us in. He also gave us information on our destination for the next day, Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
We spent the rest of the evening eating some of our Hershey's haul (or in Tom's case, all of it), ...
... and checking out our daughter's future new house online, because they had just had their offer accepted on it.

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