Washington 2000

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Note: This travelog was written in 2023, so many details have long been forgotten since we took the trip.

Saturday, April 1, 2000: We flew out to Seattle to visit friends and family. The actual dates of our trip are lost to time. Since we were traveling with Claire, we decided to book a nice suite at the Edgewater Hotel and invite people to come see us there. Here's the view from our waterfront room, ...
... and more of the view further down the waterfront. There's lovely Mount Rainier in the distance.
And here's the view looking toward the west across Puget Sound.
Debbie's brother Doug and his wife, Susan, and son, Stewart came to the hotel to spend the evening with us.
We took video instead of pictures of much of this trip, so these are screenshots of the video.
Jill had a great time playing with her cousin, Stewart.
They looked out of the window at the ferries and activities on the pier.
Stewart let us know that the boats need gas to go fast.
Here's a lovely Washington ferry.
There's West Seattle in the distance where Debbie and Doug used to live when they were young, in a house near the highest point. Doug's bedroom faced the waterfront and they would look at the twinkling lights on the shore from his bedroom window.
Panning from West Seattle toward the east ...
... and toward the waterfront ...
... to the pier right next door, ...
... where prom couples were getting their pictures taken.

Sunday, April 2, 2000: Doug and Susan came back the next day and we enjoyed visits from our friends Marley & Gary and Richard & Sharon. The cousins continued to play together while Claire kept to herself as usual, hanging out in the separate bedroom.
Stewart gave Jill a big hug, ...
... then gave a kiss to his mom, ...
... then gave a kiss to his Aunt Debbie.
When it was time for Claire to go to bed, Stewart gave her a bedtime kiss too.

Monday, April 3, 2000: We woke up to a third day of beautiful weather.
Sharon gave the girls each a stuffed otter and Jill cuddled hers on the small balcony outside the bedroom.
Ships and ferries passed by.
The girls enjoyed playing in the bedroom and we were grateful for the large suite so there was room to spread out.
With our hotel right on the Seattle waterfront, it was easy to get out and do a little sightseeing.
We had lunch at Ivar's and enjoyed watching the seagulls.

Tuesday, April 4, 2000: We took a ferry to Bremerton so we could drive around the peninsula.
We stayed for two nights at Kalaloch Lodge on the Washington coast. We only have some videotape of our stay, so here is a photo we took when we stopped by in 2023 of the outside of the cabin where we stayed in 2000.
We had two days of very chilly, overcast weather, so we stayed inside the entire time to keep warm.


The cabin had a large living area and two small bedrooms with lots of windows facing the ocean ...

... so we were able to enjoy the view from inside.
Jill had fun with the flamingo she got in Seattle ...
... and we packed several of Claire's favorite electronic toys to keep her entertained.
It was so cold in our cabin that the girls kept their fleece jackets on the entire time.
Here's the kitchen and dinette area.

We brought groceries and had our meals at the little table in the corner shown here. After this, we must have driven back to Sea-Tac to fly home, but who can remember after 23 years?

** THE END **

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