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If it doesn't fit anywhere else on the site, we'll link to it here!

  • Baby Birds: Our chronicle of the first few days in the lives of baby robins
  • Clippings: Newspaper clippings from our past
  • Intran: An online reunion page for former Intran employees
  • Macalester College: A random collection of memories of Macalester College
  • Places: We are list-making people, and this is our list of the states and countries each member of our family has visited
  • Statues: We've collected some colorful photos of city-wide statue exhibits
  • Skydiving: Debbie was a skydiver when she was young and carefree
  • Swim Spa: We added a sun room and swim spa to our home in 2002

Miscellaneous: [Main] [Birds] [Clippings] [Intran] [Macalester] [Places] [Statues] [Skydiving] [Swim Spa]

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