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Fun: [Main] [Beverages] [Blank] [Bobblehead] [Candy] [Double Take] [Flat Stanley] [Haiku] [Harry Potter] [Holidays] [Jukebox] [Mold-a-Rama] [Orchy] [Pencils] [Pinball] [Tic Tacs]

Here we have an unrelated collection of odd little pages we've created over the years:

  • Beverages: Results of a taste test performed on specialty beverages
  • Blank: This page intentionally left blank
  • Bobblehead: How Debbie became a bobblehead
  • Candy: A lovely tale about candy
  • Double Take: A small collection of similar photos
  • Flat Stanley: He came to visit us for a week
  • Haiku: Photos and haiku from our Spring Break 1997 trip
  • Harry Potter: Our collection of foreign versions of the first "Harry Potter" book
  • Holidays: Photos and sound clips for the holidays
  • Jukebox: Photos of our Rowe/AMI jukebox
  • Mold-a-Rama: A visit to the Mold-a-Rama machines at the Woodfield Park Zoo
  • Orchy: This little guy travels all over
  • Pencils: Debbie's pencil collection
  • Pinball: Our collection of pinball machines
  • Postcards: A selection of electronic postcards we've sent from around the world
  • Quotes: A collection of movie sound clips created in 1996
  • Tic Tacs: We collect Tic Tacs from around the world

Fun: [Main] [Beverages] [Blank] [Bobblehead] [Candy] [Double Take] [Flat Stanley] [Haiku] [Harry Potter] [Holidays] [Jukebox] [Mold-a-Rama] [Orchy] [Pencils] [Pinball] [Tic Tacs] [Main] [Contact Us] [Events] [Family] [Fun] [Garden] [Misc.] [Photos] [Rett Syndrome] [Search] [Site Index] [Travel]

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