Tic Tacs

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Tic Tacs are one of our favorite treats. The first time we bought Tic Tacs in a foreign country, we noticed that they were larger than the American Tic Tacs (2 calories compared to the 1 1/2 calories in American Tic Tacs [until they changed to 2 calories in the US sometime in 2004 or 2005]). We also noticed that the French version had a slight orange aftertaste that was quite delightful. Sadly, we never found this in other countries. We are not connoisseurs of wine, cigars, coffees, or any other sort of thing like that, but we do pride ourselves on our discerning taste in foreign Tic Tacs. Not really, but we do enjoy collecting them. Eventually, Tic Tacs stopped being sold in this size box so we stopped adding to this page until we encountered one in Ecuador in 2017.

Shown below are the front, back, and top of each different box we've collected. Click on a tiny box below to go directly to that box's details, and click on any picture to see a larger version.

France (1999) United Kingdom (2000) Australia (2000) Mexico (2002) United States (2003) United States (2003)
New Zealand (2003) Netherlands (2004) France (2004) Italy (2004) Greece (2004) Croatia (2004) Poland (2005)
Scotland (2005) Greenland (2005) Brazil (2005) Bahamas (2005) Ukraine (2007) Ecuador (2017)

France (1999)
Notes: This is the original flavor that started this particular collection. We used the rest of our French Francs at the airport to stock up on these just before we left Paris in 1999.

United Kingdom (2000)
Notes: Although these were the same size as their French counterparts, they did not have the pleasing orange aftertaste, nor did any of the other foreign Tic Tacs we sampled in later years.

Australia (2000)
Notes: Purchased in Sydney in May 2000. These were the 1 1/2 calorie size at the time.

Mexico (2002)
Notes: Purchased in Cozumel in December 2002.

United States (2003)
Notes: The original US Tic Tacs, just before they changed to the 2-calorie size in 2003.

United States (2003)
Notes: The new US Tic Tacs, after they changed to the 2-calorie size in 2003. Apparently the space in "Fresh Mints" had to be removed to accommodate all of the extra calories.

New Zealand (2003)
Notes: Imported for us by our friend Pete from Auckland in October 2003. These have Australian information on the back, so Australian Tic Tacs must have also gone to the 2 calorie size at some point.

Netherlands (2004)
Notes: Purchased in Amsterdam in January 2004.

France (2004)
Notes: Purchased in Nice in June 2004. The orange aftertaste is barely discernable, but still there.

Italy (2004)
Notes: Purchased in Naples in June 2004.

Greece (2004)
Notes: Purchased on Mykonos in July 2004.

Croatia (2004)
Notes: Purchased in Dubrovnik in July 2004.

Poland (2005)
Notes: Purchased by our friend Brent in Warsaw in May 2005.

Scotland (2005)
Notes: Purchased at the Glasgow airport in June 2005.

Greenland (2005)
Notes: Purchased in the tiny village of Kulusuk, Greenland in June 2005. Note that these are marked as being from Sweden.

Brazil (2005)
Notes: Purchased at the top of Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Bahamas (2005)
Notes: Purchased in Nassau, Bahamas.

Ukraine (2007)
Notes: Purchased in Odessa, Ukraine.

Ecuador (2017)
Notes: Purchased in Quito, Ecuador.


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