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Since 1994, Debbie has been taking pictures of her brother Doug taking pictures of her. It started as a funny thing to do, and turned into a tradition over the years. The technology used to do this has changed over the years and at times included a videocamera. In some cases, we have the photo taken of Debbie at the same time (or at the same location).

Grand Canyon, Arizona 1994

St. Paul, Minnesota 2001

Seattle, Washington 2004

St. Paul, Minnesota 2005

Colorado River, Grand Canyon 2006

Peoria, Arizona 2007

St. Paul, Minnesota 2008

Carmel, Indiana 2010

Skagway, Alaska 2012

Mukilteo, Washington 2015

Carmel, Indiana 2015

Woodinville, Washington 2016

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 2017

Coon Valley, Wisconsin 2018

Mesa, Arizona 2018

Mesa, Arizona 2018

Mesa, Arizona 2019

Cass Lake, Minnesota 2019

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin 2019

Woodinville, Washington 2021

Spring Grove, Minnesota 2022

Woodinville, Washington 2022

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