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Meeko, Milly, and Meredith are fancy mice who were adopted on January 29, 2004. The life expectancy of fancy mice is 12 to 36 months. Sweet little Meeko died in early December 2004, and Meredith (who became very fat) died a few weeks later. Milly died in early February 2006.

The one with the least amount of dark coloring was Meeko. She was a waltzing mouse, which means she had a tweek in her balancing system, causing her to walk in circles. Aside from that, she was the most friendly.
Milly (named by Monica) had several grey spots. Milly was very energetic, and loved to run. She was always the first one to try out new things, and was the only one to figure out how to use the girls' old exercise wheel. That wheel was very complicated and we ended up giving them a simpler one.
Meredith had black coloring, especially on her face. She was the most mellow, and loved to sniff things. She spent most of her time napping and eventually grew to twice her original size.
After Jill and Monica helped the girls get used to their new Habitrail home on their first night in our home, Tito and Spike came up to meet them.
Milly stood up to greet her new friends.
Milly seemed unaware that cats normally eat mice. The others were much smarter and tended to stay away from these enormous creatures.
Either that, or she knew that she was safe in her new home, especially in her little orange playroom. The mice often slept in this area all cozy and snuggled up together.

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