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Sunday, November 10, 2013: At this point in our trip, we were pretty exhausted, so all three of us slept right through breakfast. Fortunately, there were still some drömmar left so Tom and Debbie finished those off.
We checked out of our hotel and set out in search of ...
... Max restaurant. It is the Swedish equivalent of a McDonald's and rarely does a trip to Sweden pass without visiting one.
Mmmm, delicious.
Here's the beautiful glass sculpture in town.
We drove back out to Sävar one last time. Isa was glad to see us, as usual.
We brought some photos, videos, and scans of Kristina's letters with us so we all got out our computers to pass files around and see whose computer could play the videos. Here's what a Swedish Windows lock screen looks like, ...
... and this photo answers the question of where those extra characters (å, ö, and ä) are located on a Swedish keyboard.
We all wanted to see the top floor of David's huge house. Part of the house is rented to a woman who has lived there for decades, and part of the top floor is finished out as living space, but there's an unfinished area that is fun to explore.
One storage room is covered with old Swedish newspapers dating back to 1855. Debbie remembered seeing them but Jill and Elina didn't, so we took a look.
Many of the ads in Aftonbladet are for ships sailing to America. The newspaper is in remarkably great shape for being over 150 years old.
According to David, these spots on the floor are Russian blood, leftover from the Russian-Swedish battle in this area. Jill definitely remembered this from our last visit.
The view of Sävar River from the attic is quite nice.
Isa may be full-grown now, but she still likes to be held and she loves getting attention.
We spent some time looking through David's picture collection and hearing stories about Kristina's last years.
Isa wanted to join us but knows that she's not allowed in this room. Technically, she wasn't actually in it, right?
We went for a quick walk with Isa at sunset (3:00 PM).
Here's David's beautiful home.
We walked around the side of his home, ...
... and around the back of his yard, to where the Sävar River runs. There's a park here with picnic tables and an area for outdoor performances.
The Sävar church can be seen not far away on the left.
Here's a cool little bridge over the river.
We took two cars back into Umeå, with Elina in our car. David was headed to Edvin's dorm to pick him up for dinner.
While refilling our rental car so we could return it right after dinner, we got a photo of this interesting little machine: a spolarvätska where you can fill up your windshield wiper fluid by the liter.
We went to Mammas Restaurant and got a table. David and Edvin met us there a few minutes later.
It was Father's Day in Sweden, so we were lucky that it wasn't very full. It helped that we were there very early for dinner.
We had our fill of pizza and pasta then had to say our goodbyes so we could get to the airport. As always, it was a wonderful visit.
We boarded our flight, ...
... arrived in Stockholm a short time later, ...
... and took the hotel shuttle to the Connect Hotel Arlanda.
Jill was in a single room near the lobby, and Tom and Debbie were upgraded to a larger room ...
... with a shower that actually closed.
We headed back down to the lobby for an evening beer, ...
... a sandwich for Jill, ...
... and one last pile of shrimp for Debbie.
Monday, November 11, 2013: We checked out before dawn ...
... and headed back to Arlanda for the last time. We stopped for a moment underneath these giant photos of our beloved Ice Hotel.
We departed Stockholm and headed to ...

... Newark again, where we took this photo of the new World Trade Center.

** THE END **

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