4D Summit 2000 Photos

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Here is a collection of photos from the 4D Summit in San Diego, October 4 - 7, 2000.

Thursday, October 5, 2000: I didn't take any photos at the 1999 Summit, nor the welcome party the night before, so my 4D Summit photography career began at breakfast the first full day of the Summit. Note that I've included a couple of photos from other people to help fully tell the tale.
This is the late Doug Blew, posing with the infamous Kieth mug.
Jeff and I were there too.
The Summit was held at the U. S. Grant hotel in San Diego. I had been here two years earlier for 4D training.
Brendan modeled the 4D baseball jerseys worn by the entire 4D staff.
A candid shot of the audience.
Another great session given by Kent.
Tom modeled his DataCraft shirt and his attitude.
I snapped some action shots during lunch.
More action.
Here are David and Walt N. (Seattle), ...
... and Jeff and me again.
Mike addressed the assembled masses as lunch was finishing.
Here are: Mike, Karen, and Tom, ...
... Bryan and Karen, ...
... Paul, ...
... and Walt N. (California).
It was around this time that Tom D. got his infamous photo of me trying to figure out what was going on with his camera, completely unaware that the lens could swivel independently of the rest of the camera. If this photo looks familiar to you, it's because it is pretty much everywhere.
Doug, David, Charles, John, and Lincoln gave a panel presentation.
Lisa and I posed for a photo with the Kieth mug. Please know that it pains me to spell it that way.
When rain struck, the planned beach party was hastily relocated to the San Diego Air and Space Museum.
There were terrific airplane displays like this, ...
.. and this.
Space was well-represented as well, ...
... as you can see.
Stick figure Keith/Kieth was there too.
Terje brought his son with him to the event, ...
... and Steve brought Mary Kaye.
I was starstruck by Dave as I always am.
Here are Jeff, David, and me, ...
... John and Christian, ...
... and Mike, Don and Tom.
Everyone wants to be in the picture when Brendan's around!
There were many photos taken of this group by many different people.
I don't recall who took these two, ...
... but it's pretty obvious that this was Tom's photo.
The merriment continued on the bus.
Chances are excellent that it was Tom's hand trying to grab Lisa in this photo.
My seatmate and I got a photo of our fine selves.
Some of us headed out to go dancing, ...
... and we looked good doing it.

Friday, October 6, 2000: On the last day, morning came too early but Tom D. was there with his ever-present camera.
He caught this action shot of me winning a raffle, where the prize was a copy of Foundation.
Brian hosted the "Who wants to be a 4D Engineer?" game. Play along with us.

Q. In the abbreviation "4D," what does the letter "D" represent?

A. Debonaire
B. Developer
C. Dimension
D. Derriere

Q. What is a method?

A. What you use in Vegas.
B. A script that runs code.
C. What married couples who want to become parents use for birth control.
D. What you explain your madness with.

Q. What is the first name of Mr. Coveney, the President of 4D, Inc.?

A. Timothy
B. <blank>
C. Daniel
D. <blank>

The correct answer turned out to be C.

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