Iowa 2021:
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Thursday, August 26, 2021: Our camp site appeared to be the only one with the green fence posts around it.
The sky looked amazing as we packed up to leave.
There was a cold front rapidly moving in.
Look at those clouds!
Within 15 minutes, we had gone from clear-ish but hazy skies to full downpour, so it made it tricky to get this picture of Dakota Avenue in Ames, Iowa. And yes, that's N. Dakota Ave. on the left and S. Dakota Ave. on the right. Very clever, Ames.
We drove to Iowa State University to try to find Cy statues.
You'd expect to find one at the Memorial Union and Book Store if there were going to be any. Spoiler alert: we didn't find any.
Debbie got out of her seat to see how the roof was handling the downpour. Crap. The leak has apparently not been fixed after two trips for service at Camping World and close to 10 different attempts on Tom's part to seal potential leaks. Water was dripping from the seam only on the driver's side this time, which was an improvement, but really?!?
With five hours of driving ahead, and two days of rain forecast, and the lack of air conditioning, and the incessant heat, we'd had enough. We plotted a course for home, canceling the rest of the trip.
We decided to eat our feelings, and what better way to do that than with a dozen chocolate or chocolate-ish donuts from Dunkin.
The first leg of our trip home was on the Iowa Valley Scenic Byway.
At the same time, we were also on the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway. Hey. That rhymes!
Roadside America alerted us that this cool bridge was nearby. How cool is this?! This stretch of road used to be a part of the Lincoln Highway, obviously, but now this is just a street in a small town that the freeway bypasses.
This cool building was just down the street from the cool bridge. It was probably a popular stop in the heyday of Lincoln Highway.
We laughed out loud when we passed this car dealership. We had been in Van Horn, Texas, earlier this year, and Debbie had recently called an RV campground in Van Horn to reserve a site. We couldn't seem to get away from Van Horn.
The sky looked like two ocean waves crashing. Weather is amazing.
We had last seen the world's largest truckstop on Iowa 80 on our way to Wyoming in 2016.
We crossed over the Mississippi River, ...
... back into Illinois.
We admired the bridges of Peoria one more time, ...
... and the skyline.
For round two of "eating our feelings," we enjoyed Taco John's in Champaign.
Here's the Illinois Adopt-a-Highway sign.
Shortly after 6 PM, we crossed over into Indiana.
We stopped at a Pilot gas station on I-65 in order to empy our cassette toilet and the gray tank before getting home and for the final time ever.

Friday, August 27, 2021: After getting home late on Thursday, we were too tired to unpack the RV, so we did it first thing on Friday morning.
We emptied out the RV of all of our stuff, and cleaned it before taking it to storage. We had decided to cancel our final trip and sell the RV, so this was the final map of the grand travels of The Ocho with a total of 30 states visited in 20799 miles. We will miss you terribly, but we enjoyed the time we had with you.

** THE END **

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