Las Vegas 2014:
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Thursday, February 13: We left Indy after work and arrived in Las Vegas at 7:00 PM. It had been 10 years since we had spent a long weekend in Las Vegas.
We got our rental car and made a beeline for Winchell's Donut House. Previously thought to be extinct, Debbie had recently discovered that a few specimens still existed in the exotic land of Nevada.
Oh my. Look at that display of goodness, including exactly two French crullers, the ultimate donut. Back in the day, a junior high shopping trip in Minnesota wasn't complete unless it ended with a Winchell's French cruller.
We checked into the MGM Grand where we had a Tower Spa Suite.
It was a huge room with separate bedroom and living area plus windows all along one side.
The bathroom was enormous, ...
... and the garden tub put the "spa" in Tower Spa Suite.
Once settled in, we finally got to eat the Winchell's goodness. Yes, the cruller was just as delicious as Debbie remembered. That chocolate donut was crazy delicious too.
Our friends were staying in a suite on the top floor of the Signature at MGM Grand, so we headed over there to spend some time with them.
This is the only photo of this event. Check tomorrow's page for photos of both the friends and the suite.
It was about a 15-minute walk from their suite in the Signature to our suite in the Tower. We were staying at the very end of this very, very long Tower hallway.

Here's the view of the airport from our room. Not very impressive, but very, very green.

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