Las Vegas 2014:
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Sunday, February 16: We awoke refreshed and ready to see what the Stratosphere had to offer.


We set out in search of food at the base of the Stratosphere Tower, ...
... and found a tiny place selling breakfast sandwiches.
Next, we checked out, dropped our luggage in our car, and stood in line for our turn to visit the Tower. This is the view looking back toward the mandatory photo stop prior to joining the line for the elevator.
Soon we were on the observation deck at the top of the tower. Here's the view looking toward the east.
Here's the Insanity ride, which we did not see in operation.
This is the Big Shot.
Here's the X-Scream, the only ride that we would have considered doing if the prices hadn't been so high and we had known we would have enough time. Looks harmless enough.
OK, now it's looking a little scary.
And now that people are hurtling toward the end of the mechanical arm, it looks downright terrifying and fun.
But we were here primarily for the view. That's Red Rock Canyon in the far distance toward the west.
Here's a better view.
Looking south, there's Circus Circus and its giant pink glass dome.
Here's the view down the strip with the newer section of Las Vegas visible in the distance.
There's a bar below the observation deck ...
... with plenty of great views and trivia on every window.
As we headed to the airport, we gave Winchell's one last chance to serve us Debbie's favorite crullers, but were denied once again.

Las Vegas and we parted ways once again. See you next time, Sin City!

** THE END **

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