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Monday, September 12, 2022: We woke early after a rainy night. We had wanted it to rain so that we could test repairs made to the tent, and we delighted that they had all worked. Our tent was completely dry inside.
The sunrise through the trees was amazingly beautiful. There was a little ground fog, which gave everything an eerie, quiet quality.
We enjoyed a breakfast of Diet Cokes and Mountain House's Breakfast Skillet, which is always a favorite.
By 8:15 AM we were packed up and heading out of our campsite, ...
... and back across Shawnee Lake headed toward the town of Schellsburg.
As we reached US-30 in downtown Schellsburg, Debbie's phone rang with a call from the hospital scheduling department.
Tom pulled over while Debbie talked to them, finding out that they had gotten quick approval from our insurance for the biopsy and that the next available appointment was on Wednesday, two days from now, with the next available appointment after that being a week from today. We decided that we had to cut the trip short and head back home to get the earliest appointment, figuring we would rather find out about this lump as soon as possible.

Only after Debbie got off the phone did we realize that Tom had pulled over next to the Lincoln Motor Court, the last surviving old-style motor court on the historic Lincoln Highway, and something that Debbie had hoped to see someday. Check!
We got back on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, headed west this time.
There were several barns that we saw with Mail Pouch tobacco ads on them. The ads apparently don't pay enough to keep the barn from falling apart.
We drove through the Allegheny Mountain tunnel. The westbound tube was opened for road traffic in 1940, 82 years ago. The eastbound tube was built later, opening in 1965.
The rolling hills make for buildings with good views.
There is a tradition that happens when Bundlings vacations are cut short: we get donuts!
Rather than going straight home, we decided to visit some LEGO Stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio. We took I-376 north toward Pittsburgh and went through the Squirrel Hill Tunnel, ...
... getting closer and closer to the bridges that cross ...
... the Allegheny River. That yellow bridge just to the north is the Sixteenth Street Bridge, built in 1922. It has since been renamed to the David McCullough Bridge.
These big buildings are to the south and east, on the point formed by the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio Rivers.
We made our way to the Ross Park Mall, ...
... past the giant boot at the LL Bean Store, ...
... and inside to the LEGO Store.
It's smart having Darth Vader as part of your store security team.
We really enjoyed our time at the Pick & Build wall here. Jim, one of the store employees, was very knowledgeable about what parts were available, and even brought out a box of translucent red bricks for us to top off our cup.
Debbie added a pre-made Halloween assortment of Build-a-Minifigs to her purchase. Look at all of those translucent red bricks at the top of our cup. Jim showed us a technique to fill the stud on the top lid: add a plate at the very top of the cup, and build a four by four square in the center. Thanks Jim!
Since we were in Pennsylvania, we decided to stop at a beer store, ...
... and purchase some Weyerbacher beer. As far as we have found, it is only available near Pennsylvania, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some. We also added a Penn Brewery variety pack to round out our selection.
From there, we took the northern route home, continuing northwest on I-76 toward Cleveland.
Ohio appears to be finally embracing open road tolling on the Ohio Turnpike. Toll roads have gotten so much better with the introduction of transponders like EZPass, and it is painful to see toll plazas where you still have to stop and get a ticket, or even worse, stop and pay every so many miles.
We blew past Twinsburg, but we were excited to see where it was. One of our friends is an identical twin, and he comes here every year with his twin. He hopes to get Tom and Ken to attend, but that is unlikely.
Just before 2 PM we arrived at Beechwood Place in eastern Cleveland, ...
... and proceeded directly to the LEGO Store. We were happy to see the running and jumping minifig mural on the side of the store.
We always take a minute to see what is in the front window display, ...
... and then look for the things that are different about this store, like this gigantic brick, ...
... and this giant minifig holding 100 dollar bills.
Debbie scrutinized the available parts at the Pick & Build wall, trying very, very hard to get something unique at each store.
We really like this world map made from LEGO Dots.
The detail on it is amazing, and we are both really curious how they did the instructions. Sections? Line by line? Columns? How?
Since we would be home later today, and since Tom had been eyeing the Millenium Falcon at every LEGO Store we had been to, we decided to purchase it here. They brought out the huge box from the back, ...
... and there was an perfectly-sized spot for it in the back.
Here's our additional haul from the Cleveland store: one large Pick & Build cup, two free Super Mario expansion sets (for spending so much), the VIP pirate treasure pack, and of course, the Millenium Falcon.
We drove across northern Ohio, crossing back into Indiana and making a quick stop at Taco Bell in Fort Wayne for dinner.

There will now be a six-day break before we continue with Day 3. 

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