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For the second year in a row, Claire attended Cumberland Road Elementary, in Mrs. Etter's Life Skills class, with partial integration in Mrs. Reese's third grade class. Claire's progress this year included carrying her own cafeteria tray when she was done eating and simple classroom duties, such as carrying items from one place to another. If there is a routine associated with it, Claire usually enjoys participating.

Here's Claire and Mom, warm and safe on the dock at Grandpa's lake house. The canoe was a little too tippy for Claire's wiggling! Taken 07/25/98. (July 1998)
Claire had so much fun wearing her flotation suit in the lake, she was all worn out later in the day. Taken 07/25/98. (July 1998)
Debbie's dad and stepmother visited Indy in October. We had a fun trip to Discovery Zone and Claire enjoyed the big slides. Taken 10/3/98. (October 1998)
Christmas at Baker Hill involves a visit from Santa. Here is Santa with Claire. Taken 11/27/98. (December 1998)
Claire loves a nice, long car trip. Here she is beaming, with her favorite chew toy in her mouth. (January 1999)
Claire likes school. Here she is in her Life Skills class. She is 9 years old. (February 1999)
Her pincer grasp continues to improve; here she reaches for a cracker at snacktime. (February 1999)
One of Claire's best friends in class is Cecilia (CeCe), who is seated next to her. (March 1999)
Claire loves visiting the pool on Tuesdays. The pool is very shallow and the water is very warm. (April 1999)
Another favorite is playing on the playground equipment at school. (April 1999)
Our annual Spring Break trip took us south to Alabama, with stops on the way home in the French Quarter of New Orleans... (April 1999)
... and a brief trip to the gates of Graceland. Taken 4/99. (April 1999)
Tom got his pilot's license in April and celebrated by taking the whole family up for a flight. (April 1999)
A big thrill for Claire was participating with her third grade peers in leading the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom for the whole school. (May 1999)
Claire beams during the Pledge. (May 1999)

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