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This was Claire's third year at Sheridan High School. The big news this year was that we needed to go through the legal process to become Claire's legal guardians when she turns 18. We located a good attorney (Susan Hunter, based in Fishers, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis), who got us through the process efficiently and painlessly. All three of Claire's parents (father, mother, and stepfather) petitioned the court to be co-guardians, so we can make her medical and legal decisions for her. It's unusual for three people to be co-guardians, but the three of us have always had a very cooperative relationship. Our attitude has always been that the more people who love Claire, the better. When the court date came, Claire looked beautiful in a black velvet dress, and sat sweetly with her hands clasped in her lap for the short duration of the hearing.

Claire turned 17 and celebrated with a fresh crop of electronic toys, which always makes her smile. (July 2006)
Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual dance-a-thon became a fun-a-thon this year, which pleased Claire quite a bit. When continuously fed with tokens, the games at Ben and Ari's arcade are just giant versions of electronic toys, as far as Claire was concerned. She had a blast pushing the buttons and enjoying the lights and sounds. (October 2006)
For the first time ever, we posed for a formal family portrait. Our friend Theresa set up a studio in our basement and took dozens of photos to ensure that we'd get a good one of Claire. Theresa also took a lovely portrait of Claire which you can see on Claire's page. (October 2006)
Claire and Tom participated in the Motor Activities Training Program portion of the Special Olympics Fall Classic. (October 2006)
We spent Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin in northern Minnesota. Claire had taken a liking to lefse (a Norwegian flatbread made of potatoes), and kept a close eye on it whenever she spotted it out on the counter. She's a good Scandinavian girl at heart. (December 2006)
Claire's sister Jill joined the Carmel High School diving team, so we went to several practices. Claire sat very well through the practices as long as she had a variety of toys and snacks to keep her busy. (February 2007)
When Claire visits Mom's office, she likes to sit in her swivelly chair. (April 2007)
Tom, Debbie, and Claire went to the library parking lot to enjoy Carmel's annual Fourth of July fireworks. Claire sat in her Maclaren stroller and held a toy to her ear the entire time. (July 2007)

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