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Claire turned 22, and began her first full year of adult day care at Noble Adult Services just two blocks from Mom's work. She developed problems walking, but a visit to her orthopedic specialist turned up nothing other than expected deterioration of skills. Fortunately, after about six months, it cleared up on its own and her gait returned to normal. She went back to an old habit of digging in her diaper so we stocked up on bodysuits and pulled out the ones she used to wear ten years earlier. She also started chewing on her shirts, another old habit from 15 years ago, so we bought several dozen bandanas for her to wear around her neck and chew on instead. She relearned how to walk down stairs alternating her feet, a skill temporarily lost after her knee surgery in 2010.

We took Claire to the Indiana Robotics Invitational.
It was a lot of fun, and with all of the sounds and lights and action, Claire didn't get bored for quite a while. (July 2011)
We always celebrate our anniversary at the Don Pablo's where we met, and sometimes Claire comes along too. (July 2011)
A new accessible playground opened close to our house, so we went to check it out. Claire liked the swing, but found the slides a little more difficult to use than at her favorite park in Westfield. (August 2011)
We spent an afternoon with Claire's dad and went out for a boat ride on Sweetwater Lake. Claire likes rides on her dad's boat as long as she has a toy with her.
The water was really nice so we all had a dip, even Claire, although she just dunked her feet. (August 2011)
Claire attended Mom's work's fall barn party and she even tolerated wearing a giant balloon hat for a few minutes. (October 2011)
The very next morning, Claire joined us in downtown Indy for the second annual Over the Edge fundraiser for Special Olympics Indiana.(October 2011)
Claire got her photo with Santa again at the annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser for Special Olympics Hamilton County.
Mmmmm, breakfast! (December 2011)
Claire enjoyed her walking pink pig from Aunt Susan and Uncle Doug.(December 2011)
On Christmas Day, Claire was dressed in her finest velour bodysuit and monkey socks.(December 2011)
We got a rare photo of all four of us as Christmas wound down.(December 2011)
Claire dressed as a New York Giants fan the week the Super Bowl was held here in Indianapolis. Around this town, being a Patriots fan isn't an option. (February 2012)
A year after leaving high school, Claire returned to Sheridan High School for the second annual Opportunity Prom.
The prom is put on by Sheridan students for children and adults with special needs who have been through the Tri-County programs.
Here are two of Claire's former classroom aides, Missy and Brooke.
As we stopped to take a photo in front of the luau-themed decorations, a student asked to take a photo of Claire too. He was the brother of the boy who escorted Claire through her graduation ceremony the year before, so he wanted to send a picture of Claire to his brother who is now serving in the Army. (May 2012)
At Thomas and Brigette's house for a cookout, Reagan the dog was a little afraid of Claire at first, but then she decided that Claire was fascinating. (June 2012)
Even though it was Tom's birthday, Claire supervised the opening of the presents because she is always hoping the presents are for her. We celebrated with dinner at Red Robin. (July 2012)
When Claire turned 23, she got to open her presents, beginning with some awesome musical cards, ...

... and a whole box of toys from Grandma Bundy. (July 2012)

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