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Claire was now 15 years old, so off she went to Sheridan High School. We had been hearing for years that Claire would go to high school in Sheridan, which was a mythical town of mysterious location. It turned out to be a lovely small town about a half hour drive north of our home. For the first time, Claire had a male teacher, the endlessly energetic Michael Moore. We were thrilled to learn that her beloved aide, Brooke, was also moving to Sheridan as well. With children ranging from age 15 to 21, she had a much larger group of classmates, but there was plenty of room and plenty of help. The students at Sheridan High School are wonderful, and they treat the students in Claire's Life Skills class with warmth and friendliness. When we went to visit, one of the Life Skills students was restricted to lying in a hospital bed on wheels, but a group of us walked to the cafeteria and students bent down to high-five and greet the student in the bed by name as he rolled along and we instantly knew that Claire was in the right school. Most of the students end up spending at least one semester working in the class room, which makes it one of the most accepting environments we've ever experienced.

When Sheridan High School observed Hat Day, it was hard to imagine that there was a prettier girl in school than our Claire, modeling her tiny black felt hat, covered with pink buttons and trailing pink braids. (September 2004)
We got a rare family shot of all four of us when we attended Orchard Software's holiday party. Claire's not a big fan of crowds, but she did just fine in her wheelchair with her toy. (December 2004)
We had Breakfast with Santa at Applebee's in Westfield during Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual fundraiser. Claire loves breakfast! (December 2004)
Claire's bangs grew out nicely, and here she is sporting her long, beautiful hair. (March 2005)
We dragged the whole family out to the annual Flower and Patio Show at the Fairgrounds. Claire was supremely uninterested, but helped us eat some funnel cakes. (March 2005)
In May, Claire had a fun time on a field trip to a local park. Her teacher, Heather, followed her up the spiral slide. (May 2004)
She also enjoyed the lower slide. (May 2004)
Another successful run down the slide! (May 2004)
We spent an afternoon at the White River State Park near downtown Indy with Debbie's parents. We attempted to rent a large bicycle-style buggy large enough for all six of us, but every seat on the buggy had bicycle pedals which wouldn't work for Claire. (May 2005)
Back in Indy, we spent Tom's birthday with Claire in Lafayette, visiting their frog statues scattered throughout the downtown area. By now, photos of Claire in her wheelchair holding a toy are becoming a familiar sight, aren't they? (July 2005)

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