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Saturday, October 12, 2002: Our plan was ambitious: to conquer all corn mazes near the Indianapolis metro area in a single day. We started at Poppin Corn Maze in Greenfield, Indiana at noon. Splitting into two parties, we made our way through the two different corn mazes there. Fortunately, we had walkie-talkies so we could talk trash to the other team.

Racing through the first maze, we paused only to punch our scorecards at each checkpoint.

Even though we were soundly beaten through the mazes by John and Angie and their friends, we felt pumped up and ready to conquer two more locations. (Left to right: Tom, Debbie, Brent, Audrey, Gina and Michael.)

John and Angie's group bowed out at this point, but the rest of us decided to rest, peruse the gift shop and enjoy huge amounts of freshly made kettle corn.

Next stop: Mullin Maze in Brownsburg, Indiana. This location featured a haunted house, snack bar and petting zoo. Gina stopped to feed the adorable goats.

Admit it -- you wouldn't be able to resist this face either.

We surveyed the largest field of corn mazes we've ever laid eyes upon. There were three different mazes in this field and we decided we must do them all.

Steve and Nancy joined us for this portion of the Maize Maze Mayhem tour, and were assigned to our team. Nancy and Tom did the navigating, while Steve and Debbie followed. Debbie was in charge of talking trash to the other team over the walkie talkie. One team started in the first maze, and the other team started in the third. Each checkpoint had educational facts about corn posted, and we radioed our latest corn trivia to the other team at each checkpoint.

In an awkward moment, the two teams encountered each other in the middle of the second maze. Each team tried not to divulge their corn maze strategies to the other team. There were some ugly accusations of sabotage and cheating, then a fist fight broke out. Nah, just kidding. After a moment or two of small talk, the teams tore off in separate directions again.

Look! Look! Our team completed all of the checkpoints for all three mazes! We stopped for a victory photograph before sprinting to the finish.

Oh, the humiliation. Audrey, Brent, Michael and Gina bolted out of their maze to find that we were already done and apparently well-rested. In reality, we beat them by a minute at best, which is pretty amazing considering that we spent over an hour in the mazes.

Old corn maze rivalries forgotten, we convinced a nice man to photograph us. Next, it was time for a clean change of clothes and a delicious dinner at Applebee's! Steve and Nancy called it a day after that, and the rest of us continued. We were tired, but at this point, it was a matter of honor to complete our goal.

Our final stop was The Millennium Maze in Lebanon, Indiana. By this time, it was dark out and we got to use our flashlights. This location was a major operation, featuring a gift shop, snack bar, agricultural museum and concert hall/barn. We skipped the concert and went straight to the final maze of the evening. This maze offered movie trivia questions with multiple choice answers, each associated with right, left or straight ahead. If you chose the correct answer, you went off in the right direction. If not, you eventually reached a dead end and had to go back. Unlike the other mazes, this was made up almost completely of right angles and was very clearly defined and spacious. It was also less challenging, which was probably good considering the lateness of the hour and the shape we were in.

Final score: six mazes, three locations, one day!

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