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Monday, September 20, 2010: Gina and Audrey were determined to hold Maize Maze Mayhem XI and Maize Maze Mayhem X in the same year so that the number would match the year from now on. How foolish of us to have MMM I in 2002 instead of 2001. Finally, we would fix the problem, so we started with our first-ever weeknight corn maze at Stuckey Farm in lovely Sheridan, Indiana.

We hopped aboard the wagon for a ride out to the corn maze. These adorable little tots joined us for the ride.
They weren't as adorable as Gina, Audrey, and Greg, though.
Our ride took us through Stuckey Farm's extensive apple orchard, ...
... past many different types of apple trees, ...
... and past the lesser corn to the corn maze in the distance.
And we're here! What a lovely sign.
We snapped a photo of the map, which turned out to be absolutely necessary once we got into the maze.
Let's go!
At checkpoints in the maze, Audrey wrote down the answers to questions on our game sheet.
Here are some of the very educational things we learned about space exploration.
Some checkpoints allowed us to see the map on our game sheet, visible only by looking at it through red plastic.
A few locations had a full map with checkpoints marked.
The late afternoon sun did not let up for a minute. It was hot, like Africa hot.
After a 2 1/2 month drought, the cornfield had developed some serious cracks in the ground. We were careful to step over them.
We had a deadline to meet, since the farm closed at 6:00, so we realized that we wouldn't have time to get to this bridge the legal way. We were in the yellow part of the maze, with the orange part straight ahead, but the bridge belonged to the blue and white parts of the maze, as you can tell from the colored ribbons marking the trails.
And yet, somehow Audrey, Gina, and Greg ended up on the bridge, ...
... while conscientious objector Debbie stayed below.
Quoth Greg: "If we're going to break the rules, at least we're going to do it together."
The last checkpoints we had time for were these two, located right next to each other.
We decided to get a nice group shot of all four of us in the corn, when Debbie's camera battery died, so this extremely off-center shot will have to do.
Mayhem continued at TGIFriday's for dinner, where we were joined by Jeff, John, and Tom. Just three weeks until MMM X!
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