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We enjoyed Hawaii so much last year, that we decided to return and enjoy Maui this time. The view from our room at the Hyatt Regency Maui was of the Swan Court and Lahaina. Taken 1/24/99.
The sun and scenery were fabulous. Here's a breathtaking view of Lanai as the sun set behind it. Taken 1/25/99.
We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at the Hyatt's Cascades Grill our last night on Maui. Taken 1/25/99.
We hate to leave! It was a dream vacation. Taken 1/26/99.
Debbie's friend, Peter, met us in the Honolulu Airport on our way back home. Read all about it here. Taken 1/26/99.
Claire loves a nice, long car trip. Here she is beaming, with her favorite chew toy in her mouth.
Our annual Spring Break trip took us south to Alabama, with stops on the way home in the French Quarter of New Orleans...
... and a brief trip to the gates of Graceland. Taken 4/99
A business trip to Boston in April included a weekend of sightseeing with Debbie's friend, Ralph.
Like good computer geeks, Debbie and Ralph visited the Computer Museum in Boston. Taken 4/99
Tom got his pilot's license in April and celebrated by taking the whole family up for a flight.
In May, we hosted an impromptu reunion with Tom's college buddies. Here is Tom with Regis...
...and here is Jill with Dave and Melanie's kids: Samantha, Nathanial and Jessica.
Debbie and Tom posed for a photo in the entryway of our home.
Jill loves her reversible navy and red skirt made for her by her namesake, Auntie Gillian. Taken 6/3/99.
Debbie's dad loves a good rollercoaster, so he and Debbie ventured south to Louisville to test out the coasters at Six Flags.
During their birthday celebration, Tom and his twin brother Ken compared notes on their Palm Pilots. Taken 7/4/99.
Claire was delighted with her new birthday present: an electronic talking pig. Taken 7/4/99.
Jill was quite pleased with the laptop computer she built out of Legos. Taken 7/99.
August means an annual trip to Grandma and Grandpa Schilling's cabin in northern Minnesota. Here are Debbie's brother Doug, his son Stewart, Debbie and her daughter Jill. Taken 8/99.
Stewart helped Grandpa Schilling drive the Big Boat. Taken 8/99.
We spent Labor Day weekend in Windsor, Ontario, but we didn't take a single picture, so here's a Google street view screen shot so we can quit checking the website for Windsor photos that don't exist.
Tom and Debbie enjoyed beverages at Harry's Chocolate Shop after a Purdue football game. Taken 9/99.
Debbie experienced a midlife crisis and decided to get the tattoo she's always wanted. On her foot. Taken 9/99.
Laura and Tom joined us for a weekend in Columbus, Ohio, to see Susan Werner in concert. As always, it was worth the drive to see her. Taken 9/99.
Debbie's Uncle Herb and Aunt Cyl came to visit prior to the Schilling Reunion. Uncle Herb tirelessly gave horseback rides to Jill ...
... and Claire. Taken 10/99.
During the Schilling Reunion weekend, many family members enjoyed a bus tour to a nearby apple orchard, including Jill, her cousin Stewart and her Uncle Doug. Taken 10/99.
Debbie went to Chicago for the 4D Summit conference, where she met new friend Tom Dillon. This Summit turned out to be the first of many. Taken 10/99.
Last minute airfare sales convinced us to take a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to Paris. The Eiffel Tower was counting down the days until the year 2000. Taken 10/99.
We blew our airfare savings by splurging on a room at the fabulous Ritz Hotel. Here we are, trying to believe we're really at the Ritz. Read all about it here. Taken 10/99.
Here is our annual Christmas photo for 1999.
We hosted another New Year's Eve party in our basement. The partygoers included Brad and Soyla.

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