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A winter fire is always nice, especially when it features magical powder to make colored flames. Taken 1/3/15.
The view from Debbie's office was quite pretty after a heavy snowfall. Taken 1/6/15.
Our granddaughter Kelly cheered for her daddy's favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys, in her jersey and matching crocheted boots from Grandma. Taken 1/11/15.
Debbie received an amaryllis bulb for her birthday in December. A month later, Dancing Queen was happily blooming. Taken 1/14/15.
Debbie got a 3-month Birchbox subscription for Christmas, and here's the first box of cosmetic samples. Taken 1/14/15.
We joined Anne, Carrie, and Monica for Anne's birthday dinner downtown.
Helen and Jeff were there too, and a good time was had by all. Taken 1/16/15.
Tom got a 3-month Munchpak subscription for Christmas. The first box was filled with snacks and candy from around the world. Taken 1/24/15.
Claire was in an especially affectionate mood and cuddled with Mom on the couch long enough to take some selfies. Taken 2/3/15.
Jill and Claire's dad got started with home brewing and shared his first brew with us. Taken 2/11/15.
The second time we babysat our little friend Lyla was on Valentine's Day, so her parents brought us cupcakes to celebrate. Taken 2/14/15.
At a Special Olympics fundraiser a few months earlier, we purchased a gift certificate for a chef's dinner for four at Fleming's Steakhouse. We enjoyed a five-course meal consisting of crab cakes, the salad shown here, salmon, steak, and a selection of desserts to share.
Each course was paired with a different wine, so we were smiling pretty big by the end of the evening. Taken 2/18/15.
We spent a weekend in the Cincinnati area in February, and spent some time with our friends Stephanie and Ben at Ei8ht Ball Brewery in Newport. Taken 2/21/15. Read all about it here.
We drove up to Peru, Indiana to celebrate our friend John's 30th birthday. There was a Mario Brothers theme to the party, ...
... and we were happy to play along. Taken 2/28/15.
This neighborhood kids showed off their sculpting skills by building this excellent snow sculpture complete with a bottle of Coca-Cola. Taken 3/1/15.
We headed downtown to the Tomlinson Tap Room to try out their pub food, specifically never-before-tried Scotch Eggs, and a few new local brews. Taken 3/4/15.
Tom's van mileage hit 77777 on 3/9/15.
Another Christmas gift was a scratch-off map to mark with the places we've visited. It took many sessions like this one, painstakingly scratching off the borders of the 90 countries we had visited so far. This photo was taken 3/9/15.
Here's the final product, framed and hung on the wall in the basement.
We were returning from a short trip to Plymouth and got hungry for ice cream, so we found ourselves in Peru, Indiana for a second time in a month. Taken 3/16/15.
Our adorable granddaughter is fun to dress up for occasions like St. Patrick's day.
On the same day, she was reading a new book from Grandma and Grandpa. Taken 3/17/15.
We had a great time at Liz and Dionne's annual St. Patrick's Day party the following weekend. Taken 3/21/15.
When Audrey and Dean were over in March, we broke into the box of Survivor souvenirs from the olden days when Debbie and Audrey used to host Survivor finale parties.
With Greg's brewing expanded to a second and third style of beer, we did a taste test that evening. The beers now have an official brewery name, Fire Diver Brewing, with logos designed by Jill. Here are Adrenaline (American Pale Ale) and Citra Twister (Pale Ale). Taken 3/28/15.
Kelly was too adorable in her Easter bunny outfit. Taken 4/3/15.
This cake was supposed to have been decorated in lovely Easter pastels but the neon food coloring was a little more intense than we were expecting. But the cake itself was delicious. Taken 4/4/15.
After Easter brunch at Matt the Miller's with Tom's mom, we stopped by Jill and Craig's new home for a few minutes. Taken 4/5/15.
On a nice spring evening, it's nice to enjoy a beer sampler on the patio. Taken 4/10/15.
Spring flowers and adorable Kelly! Taken 4/14/15.
Tom's cousin-in-law Cameron was running in the Carmel half-marathon and the route went right past our front yard, so Aimee and Emily came by to cheer him on with us. Taken 4/18/15.
Margaret gave us a new pasta cookbook so we tried making an artichoke and vermicelli fritatta. It was a labor-intensive, two-person project, but it turned out quite well. Taken 4/19/15.
We observed New Restaurant Wednesday by heading to Barley Island Brewing in Noblesville for a beer sampler and dinner. In addition to tasting all of their available beers, we had another Scotch Egg. Taken 4/22/15.
For Dean's 40th birthday, Debbie got out the steak, cutting board, and butcher paper wrapping paper set. It's a little strange but it sure is unique.
We threw him a classic basement party with food, beverages, Telestrations, funny hats, Polaroids, and birthday cake provided by Audrey).
Cheers! Taken 4/25/15.
Debbie's dad and stepmother came to visit on their way from Arizona to Minnesota so they could meet their great-granddaughter Kelly. Taken 5/1/15.
We got to babysit Kelly overnight the next day. We entertained Kelly with Proclaimers videos and kept her filled with mashed fruits. Here she is in her amazing circular walker, in which she walked 500 miles and then she walked 500 more. Taken 5/2/15.
With May the Fourth coming up, we decided to dress up Kelly as Princess Leia, complete with brown earmuffs. This set off an adorable trend of dressing up the crop of baby girls at Orchard Software in the same outfit. Taken 5/2/15.
We gave Dean a Midwestern cookbook for his birthday, so he prepared a Midwestern-themed dinner party for us.
We had Midwestern cocktails, appetizers, corn fritters, kale salad, chicken, hot dish, candied asparagus, and of course, bars for dessert. Taken 5/3/15.
For Margaret's 75th birthday, we hosted a dinner in Centerville, the aptly-named town that served as the central location for people coming from Indianapolis, Dayton, and Connersville. Taken 5/7/15.
Debbie made her first Disney-themed surprise ball; this time, a gift to welcome Ariel's soon-to-arrive baby boy. Taken 5/10/15.
Orchard's Development department hosts monthly game nights. This one was held in a large conference room to play Artemis, a multi-player Star Trek-style spaceship bridge simulator. Tom did a fine job serving as the science officer. Taken 5/15/15.
Lyla is getting big! Here she is while we were babysitting her on 5/17/15.
Kelly joined us for the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, she was rooting for eventual winner Sweden. Taken 5/19/15.
We needed to be in Nashville on Monday, so we spent Sunday sightseeing our way south, stopping first to drop off Claire at Daddy's cabin in Brown County, then stopping very briefly to see the West Baden Springs area.
Our next stop involved several hours at Holiday World where we road as many rides as we could in two hours before spending the night in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Taken 5/24/15.
When we arrived in Nashville, we had a great time at lunch with our friends Greg and Trish, ...
... then headed to Tom's sister's home to celebrate nephew Zack's high school graduation.
Mike and Margaret were also there, so Debbie took a family photo. Taken 5/25/15.
Mulch! After day one of tackling nine cubic yards of mulch, Tom was looking pretty filthy. Taken 5/28/15.
New Restaurant Wednesday took us to a Korean restaurant in June. We didn't know what some of the food was but it sure was delicious. Taken 6/4/15.
Being a good American, Debbie was compelled to try Hardee's American Burger, featuring a sliced hotdog and potato chips. It was an experience that doesn't need to be repeated. Taken 6/5/15.
We spent a long weekend in Seattle in June. We did a lot of sightseeing and had a great time with old friends Marley, Jennie, and Gena, along with new friends Peter and Richard..
We also enjoyed lots of time with family prior to Debbie's nephew graduating from high school. Here's the moment when he discovered that Uncle Tom and Aunt Debbie would be serving as last-minute chaperones for his all-night senior party. Taken 6/15/15. Read all about the trip here.
Tom played paintball and got this lovely bruise right in his neck. Manly! Taken 6/7/15.
Kelly had a Father's Day card for her Grandpa. Taken 6/22/15.
We attended a theme night at a local English restaurant/teahouse: A Dinner With Mr. Darcy, based on Pride and Prejudice. We were seated next to Mr. and Mrs. Darcy themselves. It was fairly awkward but unique evening and this is the only photo we took. Taken 6/26/15.
We spent an afternoon helping Craig and Jill with their landscaping. After hours of hard work, everyone was filthy but triumphant.
Grandma's job (when she wasn't weeding flower beds) was to entertain Kelly. Grandma's camera proved irresistible to her.
Our last task was to transfer Craig's birthday plants from containers into a newly created garden. Taken 6/28/15.
Maersk! You have to be constantly on the lookout if you want to win at this game. Taken 6/29/15.
America! Here's Kelly getting ready for Independence Day. Taken 7/1/15.
For Tom's birthday, Audrey and Dean joined us for an evening of watching Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. They brought the Star Wars-themed hat, gifts, and personalized cake. Taken 7/2/15.
Tom's mom came over for a barbecue dinner to celebrate Tom and Claire's birthdays. Here's Claire with her early birthday presents from Grandma. Taken 7/4/15.
Later that afternoon, we did as our beer instructed and enjoyed it by 7/4/15.
Even later that evening, we babysat Kelly overnight while her parents hosted a Fourth of July party. Here are our two sweet girls attempting to share a recliner. Taken 7/4/15.
Nearly all of Debbie's Normark relatives were in town for a three-day reunion weekend. On Day Two, we gathered for a group photo during our picnic outing to a local park, ...
... then followed it with some epic games of Telestrations and Apples to Apples. Taken 7/11/15.
Some of us headed to a park on Day Three for numerous rounds of hide and seek. Taken 7/12/15.
Debbie participated in a Women in Technology panel downtown and was given a nice thank-you bag afterward. Since this is the only photographic proof of the event, here is a photo of the goodies. Taken 7/14/15.
Claire turned 26 and opened her remaining birthday presents and cards with excitement. She was especially thrilled with her new Little Mermaid sound book.
As a special birthday treat, Tom put fresh batteries in some of her favorite toys and had them waiting for her in the basement when she woke up in the morning. Taken 7/14/15.
We treated the Sanders to dinner at Weber Grill in downtown Indy to celebrate Jeff's 70th birthday. Taken 7/15/15.
During the second half of July, we vacationed in the British Isles, starting with a day trip from the white cliffs of Dover ...
... to Calais, France.
The next day, we boarded a cruise ship at Southampton, and visited ...
... Guernsey in the Channel Islands, ...
... Blarney Castle in Cork, Ireland, ...
... Dublin, Ireland, ...
... Wales, ...
... Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, ...
... Glasgow, Scotland, ...
... Urquhart Castle and Loch Ness, Scotland, ...
... Edinburgh, Scotland, ...
... and Versailles, France.
After we disembarked the ship, we finished up with a day at the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour north of London. Read all about the trip here.
Debbie's brother was in town for Gen Con in late July and early August, and stayed at our house while he was here. We were able to see him for an evening when we returned from our British Isles trip. Taken 8/3/15.
We took Claire for an early evening stroll to Founder's Park, one of the many parks in our town. Taken 9/5/15.
The next day, we took a day trip, starting at the small town of Metamora, Indiana, where our friend, Geoff, was helping out with a music festival there. We neglected to get a photo of Geoff but we did get some pictures of the town.
Metamora is famous for its canal, ...
... which goes right over this creek through an aqueduct.
From there, we headed east. We passed through the town of Brookville, and spotted a bunch of rooster statues, so we photographed as many as we could find. Taken 9/6/15.
As usual, we were headed to IKEA in West Chester, Ohio, where we bought many, many things, including IKEA's fantastic sippy cups for our granddaughter to share with her parents and other grandparents.
We got talked into making a trip to Jungle Jim's as well to pick up some of their excellent peach salsa, and ended up with a cartful of other goodies as well. Taken 9/6/15.
The next weekend, we took an Indianapolis food tour and invited Jill, Craig, and Kelly to go with us.
The tour was based in the City Market. First, we picked up chocolate croissants from Circle City Sweets.
Then we picked up some savory crepes with spinach, onion, cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes from 3 Days in Paris.
We sampled some freshly-made potato chips and caramel corn at the Amazing Snack Food Company.
We picked up some tamales at the Tamale Place and added them to the growing stash of food in our paper sacks.
We sampled a kale-spinach-banana-orange-pineapple smoothie at Twenty Two.
Our last stop was to pick up a vegetarian salad made with seitan from Three Carrots.
We found some seats at the back of the market and ate all of the food we had gathered during our walk. Well, maybe not all of it -- we saved one amazing croissant to eat at home.
Kelly helped her daddy finish off his food.
After the tour, we parted ways with Jill and Craig, then headed to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument on the Circle.
In all our years of living in Indianapolis, we had never gone to the top. We splurged and spent a couple of bucks to take the tiny elevator up instead of climbing the stairs.
When the elevator had gone as far as it could go, we climbed the last few flights of narrow stairs.
It's pretty cramped at the top, but there are windows all the way around.
Here's the view looking down at the Circle below.
Our last stop of the day was at TwoDEEP Brewing, where we had a couple of beer samplers on lovely Indiana-shaped boards. Taken 9/12/15.
On a warm fall evening, we took Claire to the deserted water park near our home. Taken 9/13/15.
We packed up Jill and Kelly, and drove up to the Wisconsin Dells for the 2015 Schilling Reunion.
Our particular branch of Schillings had our traditional reunion-within-a-reunion on the second day of the reunion. Taken 9/19/15.
After a great gardening season, we harvested five different types of peppers and endless tomatoes. Taken 9/27/15.
Everyone was out to watch the lunar eclipse and every photo taken looked like this. Taken 9/27/15.
We attended the annual Mac in the City alumni event at Abyssinia Ethiopian restaurant with other Macalester grads. Taken 10/1/15.
The very next night was the annual Orchard Software fall party. Here's Tom getting a temporary tattoo later in the evening. Taken 10/2/15.
We spent an entire Saturday taking a bus trip to Columbus, Ohio, to visit breweries. Our first stop upon arrival was Schmidt's Sausage Haus und Restaurant for lunch. Read all about it here. Taken 10/3/15.
We babysat Lyla again, and Kelly helped entertain her. Taken 10/4/15.
Debbie got a lovely gift and card from one of her staff members who was promoted. Taken 10/5/15.
Just a couple of days later, we were babysitting Lyla again, so Jill and Kelly stuck around after work to play with her again. Taken 10/9/15.
It was a full peanut butter theme for Audrey's birthday in October, with all manner of things that smelled and tasted like peanut butter. Taken 10/10/15.
We took Claire to Skyzone for Special Needs Night. After a few minutes of figuring out what was happening, she really enjoyed having us help her bounce on the trampolines. Taken 10/12/15.
Claire is always a good sport for Flu Shot Day at Orchard Software. Taken 10/14/15.
We observed New Restaurant Wednesday at Jamaican Reggae Grill and enjoyed heaping plates of Caribbean goodness. Taken 10/14/15.
Debbie's staff surprised her with a nice card for Boss's Day, ...
... and Steve continued the theme by bringing in Little Debbie treats for the department. Taken 10/16/15.
We decided to head downtown to check out Maxine's Chicken and Waffles. Of course, we ordered chicken and waffles and we were not disappointed.
After breakfast, we went for a walk along the canal, ...
... and looked at all of the Indiana counties represented in the stonework on the exterior of the Indiana State Museum. Taken 10/17/15.
That afternoon, we bought a fire pit at Lowe's, and that evening, we started a tradition of enjoying beer samplers on our patio in front of the fire. This sampler included four winter flavors from Blue Moon. Taken 10/17/15.
On Kelly's first birthday, we headed down to see her and to help install some baby-proofing for her playroom overlooking the living room. Here's Kelly with her birthday card. Taken 10/22/15.
Kelly's official birthday party was held two days later.
Here's our birthday girl delicately digging into her birthday cake. Taken 10/24/15.
Here is Kelly in her Halloween shirt, thrilled to be sitting next to her Auntie Claire. Taken 10/27/15.
Debbie dressed up as a crazy cat lady for Halloween at Orchard. It's a sexy look, isn't it? In a hilarious turn of events, Debbie's assistant dressed up like a crazy cat lady too. Taken 10/30/15.
Our Halloween beer sampler from Magic Hat appropriately included a pumpkin ale called Wilhelm Scream. Taken 10/31/15.
All year, we had been watching the first six Star Wars movies with Audrey and Dean, in preparation for the new Star Wars movie coming out in December. For the final night of movies, we went all out with movie snacks, blue milk-inspired cocktails, R2-D2 cookies, and lightsaber (glow stick) stirrers. In related news, we highly recommend watching the movies in Machete Order (Google it), but include Episode 1 and fast forward past the pod racing and Jar Jar parts. Taken 11/7/15.
Our next beer sampler was from Stevens Point Brewery, purchased when we were in Wisconsin a few months earlier. Taken 11/8/15.
Kelly adores her Auntie Claire and loves to help feed her when Mommy is babysitting. Taken 11/11/15.
Another late fall weekend, another beer sampler by the fire pit, this time from Wisconsin Dells Brewing Co. "It's a vacation in a bottle!" Taken 11/15/15.
Sometimes, we observe New Restaurant Wednesday on Mondays instead. We drove what seemed like forever to Trader's Point to try Tom Chee. It was okay, but probably not worth a repeat drive, even taking the shorter route using the freeway (of which our GPS seemed to be unaware).Taken 11/16/15.
For Helen's birthday, we treated the Sanders and friends to a Brewsline tour of Hamilton County breweries. We started at Grand Junction Brewing Company in Westfield just as the snow started to fall.
Here are Anne, Debbie, and Carrie.
Next stop: Barley Island Brewing Company in Noblesville.
Here are Jeff, Helen, David, Monica, and Anne.
Next, we stopped at Flix Brewhouse, where we got a picture of the bus but not the actual building.
We got out the birthday tiaras for Helen and Carrie, and the black bar glasses for the rest of us.
Our final stop was Danny Boy Beer Works in West Clay. Taken 11/21/15.
Here's Kelly again, helping her Auntie Claire drink some Instant Breakfast, ...
... and eat a sandwich. Taken 11/23/15.
We spent Thanksgiving in Dayton at Tom's mother's home. We got a rare family photo of all 6 1/2 members of our immediate family (not quite pictured: Johnny, due in March 2016).
Kelly and her cousin Jena had a nice time playing together.
Kelly doesn't take to strangers right away, but had no problem warming up to her grandpa's identical twin brother, Ken. Taken 11/26/15.
What to bring to a combination housewarming/gender reveal party? How about a selection of pink and blue alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages? Taken 11/28/15.
The annual Gale Force Software holiday party was held at Fleming's Steakhouse. Here's a photo of nearly the entire company.Taken 12/5/15.
Clowns everywhere! Fortunately, they were only on the outside of Debbie's birthday presents from Audrey and Dean. Taken 12/6/15.
Since we'd be out of town for Debbie's birthday, we celebrated early, all week long, including a night out for birthday oysters. Taken 12/7/15.
As usual, there was an unofficial party that followed the annual Orchard Software Development holiday party. It's probably best that Debbie's camera wasn't working all that well during this game of Telestrations. Taken 12/9/15.
Kelly and Jill helped celebrate Debbie's birthday and open presents from Tom and Doug/Susan. Here's Kelly giving Tito a kiss, who had to be right in the middle of the action.
Jill's gift to Debbie was a handmade card containing 53 bits of trivia, one for each year. Taken 12/10/15.
In our quest to reach 100 countries, we took a trip to the Caribbean. Since mid-December is such an inconvenient time to vacation, we are almost never on vacation during Debbie's birthday, but this year was an exception. We started with an overnight in St. Maarten on 12/11/15.
Next, we took a day trip to the Dutch territory of Saba Island.
Then we boarded a clipper ship and visited Anguilla, ...
... the British Virgin Islands, ...
... St. Kitts, ...
... and St. Barts.
At the end of the seven-day cruise, we returned to Dutch St. Maarten, then spent a night on the other half of the island in French St. Martin, bringing our total of countries visited to 100.
Since we were out of the country during the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we weren't able to see it until just before Christmas. Taken 12/23/15.
We hosted Christmas on December 26th this year, so we had all of Christmas Eve to relax before prepping and cleaning on Christmas Day. We set up our TV to display NORAD's Santa Tracker all day.
We also set up a laptop and monitor in the fireplace for an easy-to-maintain fire for the next three days.
On the morning of the 26th, Jill, Craig, and Kelly joined us early so that we could exchange gifts.
Here's Kelly checking out the features of her new Little People Disney princess castle.
After Tom's family arrived and dinner was served, it was time to exchange more gifts. Here's a photo of Debbie taken on Christmas -- one of the rarest things you're ever going to see.
Shortly before people were leaving, we took a family photo of the Sanders, ...
... then one of the Bundys in attendance. Taken 12/26/15.
We hosted Audrey and Dean for New Year's Eve.
They brought along a selfie stick with a remote control, so we set it up in the light fixture in the kitchen and took many, many photos with it.
We decided to have fondue for dinner, so we had divided up the courses in advance. Audrey and Dean brought the fondue pot and ingredients for the cheese course, along with lots of options for dipping.
In between courses, we played fondue-themed games and activities that Debbie made up. This one involved writing a poem about fondue. Here is Tom's beautiful composition.
For the main course, we provided steak, chicken, jumbo shrimp, potatoes, and broccoli, plus two different broths for cooking.
Claire joined us occasionally for the festivities. When we were downstairs getting cocktails, Claire stopped by so both the selfie stick and the regular camera got pictures of her.
Our last course of the evening was a very delicious dessert course. Audrey and Dean brought pound cake, brownies, graham crackers, marshmallows, and fruit for our fondue dipping pleasure. Taken 12/31/15.

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