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Claire may be 20, but she still enjoys a piggy back ride from her stepdaddy from time to time. Taken 1/1/10.
On cold winter days, Claire bundles up for her bus ride to school. Taken 1/13/10.
One of our favorite places to take Claire for dinner is Mudsocks Grill. She watches the televisions on the wall -- every single one of them. Taken 1/21/10.
For Jill's birthday, we sent her a series of postcards of places we'd taken her on vacation over the years, ranging from Niagara Falls and Hawaii to Sweden and the Netherlands.
However, the real message was on the back of the postcards. Taken 1/28/10.
Claire's been going through a giggly phase. When she gets like this, she can make eye contact for a few seconds, ...
... and she gives great hugs. Taken 2/1/10.
When the Colts make it to the Superbowl, this family climbs aboard the bandwagon for a couple of days. Taken 2/5/10.
We threw a party for Debbie's coworkers in February while a blizzard raged outside. That didn't stop us from having a basement full of people though. Taken 2/5/10.
Everything looked beautiful the next morning. Taken 2/6/10.
The best thing about having a swim spa is being able to use it in the middle of winter. The cats like to supervise its use. Taken 2/7/10.
After her freshman year at Kent State, Jill applied to Purdue as a transfer student. The good news arrived by mail, so we took a picture of it to email to Jill. Taken 2/9/10.
Those frozen entrees Debbie takes into the office don't just make themselves. Here is what happens to a pan full of Yum-a-Setta after Tom and Debbie eat their fill. Taken 2/14/10.
After many years, Claire rediscovered her favorite computer game, Funny Monsters for Tea. Sometimes she enjoys a little dinner while she's watching. Taken 2/14/10.
Tom and Debbie returned to Japan in February for a more indepth visit. We spent a few days in Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe, ...
... took the bullet train (shinkansen) south to spend a day in Hiroshima, ...
... then took the bullet train north (past beautiful Mt. Fuji), ...
... to spend a few more days in Tokyo. Read all about it here.
Spike may weigh 50% more than his 14-pound brother Tito (go ahead and do the math, then add another pound), but we'll claim that he looks larger here only because he was closer to the camera. Taken 3/10/10.
When our irises threatened to take over the garden, we split them and gave them to friends. Taken 3/11/10.
Sensory Friendly Films: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid." Claire's not a fan of live-action films, but she did fine and we really enjoyed it. Taken 3/20/10.
Stranded at Longhorn Steakhouse without a toy, Claire gazes into the bar at the TV on the wall in there. Taken 3/25/10.
Jill was home on spring break during Easter, so we got a family portrait in the beautiful weather. Taken 4/4/10.
Tom's identical twin brother Ken and their mother joined us for dinner at Mudsocks Grill. Taken 4/4/10.
Claire injured her bursa sac on her right knee in 2009. After a year, it had continued to get worse (even though it didn't hurt her at all), so we decided it was time for surgery. Taken 4/6/10.
It was her first surgery ever, which can be a little tricky when the patient can't speak, but Claire did really well. Here, she recovers by watching her favorite videos and playing with toys on Mom's bed. Taken 4/7/10.
Debbie's cousin James got married in April, so we went up to Madison for the wedding. Between the wedding and reception, we got to watch our little cousin Koree ...
... and his adorable baby sister Kelsey, since parents Sharlot and Eric were in the wedding party.
When the wedding party arrived, Debbie was selected to announce them. Here are cousins Adam and Sara, with cousins Eric and Sharlot (hidden) behind them.
All four siblings posed for a photo: Shirley, Sharlot, James, and Sara.
There was a photobooth at the reception, so we squeezed as many Schilling relatives as we could into one photo. Clockwise from top center: Sharlot, Sandra, Shirley, Sara, Emmie, Debbie, Mark, and Xavier in the center.
James took to the dance floor with his lovely bride (and brand new Schilling cousin), Stephanie. Taken 4/24/10.
Debbie received a nice surprise of flowers from Tom during a particularly stressful week at work. Taken 4/30/10.
May means that cousin Shawn is in town to perform photographer duties at the Indy 500. He arrived from Minnesota with a delivery of frozen Carbone's Specials, the most delicious pizza in the world. Mmmmmm. Taken 5/15/10.
Claire has long since outgrown her two Rifton chairs and her car seat, so we dug them out of storage, cleaned them up, and donated them to other families of disabled children who have outgrown the standard toddler equipment available. It was great to find good homes for them. Taken 5/16/10.
Cousin Emily is now two! Her dad's parents live near us in Carmel, so we celebrated her birthday for a few hours, before taking off to ...
... Travis and Misty's barbecue. Here is Misty helping little Avery and Olivia feed the fish in their pond. Not shown: grown adults jumping in the Bounce House later that evening. Taken 5/22/10.
Geoff's girlfriend Jen heard about Debbie's admiration of her hand-knitted Jayne hat, so she gave one to Debbie. Just six months until it is cold enough to wear it! Taken 6/10/10.
We ran into Jarrod and Becky at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati, of all places. We were on one of our regular IKEA/Jungle Jim's grocery runs. Taken 6/13/10.
We visited 11 countries in 11 days in June and July. We started in Belgium on 6/25/10, where Tom finally caught up to Debbie in number of countries visited, then went to ...
... Luxembourg, ...
... France, ...
... Switzerland, ...
... Liechtenstein, ...
... Austria, ...
... Germany, ...
... Czech Republic, ...
... Poland, ...
... The Netherlands, ...
... Belgium, ...
... and England. Click any of the country links to read all about it.
For Claire's 21st birthday, we took her to the arcade at Pinheads and fed tokens into machines. She doesn't understand how they work, but she loves the bright lights and sounds.
Audrey and Brent joined us too. Taken 7/14/10.
Claire really enjoyed seeing "Despicable Me" at Sensory Friendly Filmns at the Castleton AMC, and so did we. Taken 7/17/10.
Debbie flew out to Phoenix to attend her great aunt's memorial service and see family. Here is a table full of her second-cousins' kids.
Here are second-cousin Steve and his wife Tammy, parents of the four boys on the left above.
Here are second-cousin Kenny and his wife Caren, parents of the two girls in the back above. The two girls in the front belong to second-cousin Shari. Taken 7/24/10.
Debbie's aunts Ruth and Evelyn were among the family members who got together at Great Aunt Beatrice's home to reminisce and sort stuff.
Then, we headed to a local restaurant for a family dinner. Taken 7/24/10.
Claire's birthday presents from Debbie's family never arrive on her birthday, but she doesn't mind, as long as they are brightly colored and make lots of noise. Taken 7/27/10.
Jill interned at Orchard Software for the summer. Here she is with a slice of farewell cookie for her mom on her last day.Taken 7/30/10.
Has it really been 30 years? Debbie and Tom flew to Minnesota for Debbie's 30th high school reunion. First stop: Carbone's pizza on Randolph with friends Jean and Kristine.
Next, we drove to Minneapolis to stay at the W Foshay, shown here in the middle of the Minneapolis skyline.
We had a corner suite on the 17th floor that took up one-quarter of the floor. Nice!
Then, we toured downtown Minneapolis, enjoying dinner at a rooftop bar, shopping at the IDS Center, and checking out the Twins statues. Taken 8/6/10.
The next day, we had breakfast at Hell's Kitchen with Debbie's friends from her Intran days.
That evening, we had a great time catching up with old friends at the Highland Park Senior High School reunion. Taken 8/7/10.
Our cats are handsome boys. Can you tell they're brothers? Taken 8/9/10.
Jill's transfer to Purdue meant many several trips up to West Lafayette, specifically Meredith Hall. Taken 8/18/10.
Claire loves lefse, so when we found out about a local cafe that serves it, we had to try it. She approves! Taken 8/21/10.
With a summer sky this pretty, a photo on the drive home is mandatory. Taken 9/3/10.
Happy 40th Birthday, Brent! We toasted to the good doctor early in the evening and didn't really stop after that. Taken 9/5/10.
Claire loves bath time and finds it amusing when Tom tries to pull a brush through her hair when she gets out. Here she is rocking her personalized Claire bathrobe, ...
... and here she is in her comfy footie pajamas. Tito helps put her to bed. Taken 9/12/10.
We finally got to meet Geoff's awesome girlfriend Jen when we met them in Noblesville for dinner. There was much discussion about Firefly and ABBA. Taken 9/18/10.
Gina and Audrey were determined to hold Maize Maze Mayhem XI and Maize Maze Mayhem X in the same year so that the number would match the year from now on, so we started with our first-ever weeknight corn maze at Stuckey Farm in lovely Sheridan, Indiana. Taken 9/20/10.
Debbie's dad and stepmother came to visit for a weekend, so enjoyed some beverages on the patio one evening, ...
... and took a trip to Stuckey Farm for some cider. Taken 9/26/10.
We toasted Audrey's birthday with ice-glass shots in our kitchen with Audrey, Brent, Gina, and Patrick, ...
... then joined more of Audrey's friends at Maggiano's for dinner. Taken 10/1/10.
We took Claire to Sensory Friendly Films to see "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole." We didn't last long because Claire hated it.
Instead, we decided to get flu shots because that would be less painful than sitting through a scary talking owl movie. While we waited at Walgreen's, Claire watched the repeating television ad on the Dr. Scholl's display. Taken 10/2/10.
Debbie's coworkers love paintball and so does Tom, so he gets talked into going. Here's the only photo taken of him from his early October outing. No photos are available from his snow-covered November outing. Taken 10/9/10.
Maize Maze Mayhem X involved a return to Waterman's Farm Market in Indianapolis. Taken 10/10/10 at 10:10 AM, of course.
Debbie headed to San Diego for the annual 4D Summit conference. Max, Mike, Leah, and Debbie played a little hooky one afternoon and visited a couple of breweries, including Stone Brewery, where we had a nice lunch and took a tour. Taken 10/13/10.
Later in the week, a great time was had with friends Ann, Brian, Tom, and Phil. Taken 10/14/10.
Orchard Software was one of the main sponsors of the Over the Edge fundraiser for Special Olympics Indiana. Dave, Debbie, and Curt got to rappel down a 17-story building, so we raised funds for Tom to join us as well. It was a fantastic experience for a great cause. Read all about it here. Taken 10/16/10.
Debbie's homemade bami balls aren't just for birthdays -- Jill received this little Halloween ball filled with candy and Halloween toys.
Yes, that's Debbie, dressing up for Halloween as usual. Pretty subtle look, huh? Taken 10/29/10.
We were on the Purdue campus in West Lafayette with Jill, who introduced us to the Clapping Circle. If you stand in the center, you can hear the echoes of your claps, but just outside, you can't. Tom could probably explain the science behind it.
A couple of Purdue fans recreate the famous Ken-and-Tom photo of 1996, but Jill's Kent State loyalties are apparent.
It turns out that you don't have to be an astronaut to visit the moon.
The fountain on the Engineering Mall wasn't spouting water but was looking quite beautiful anyway. Taken 10/31/10.
Claire and Jill had their portraits taken with their dad in the fall. Here's one of our favorite shots.
Oh, the humanity! The Dunkin' Donuts burned down one sad morning just a few blocks from Debbie's office. Taken 11/11/10.
Orchard employees love donuts, so we paid our respects to our fallen Dunkin' Donuts by getting 21 dozen donuts from two other locations. Then, the company president brought in another 10 dozens from the north Carmel location. Taken 11/12/10.
Tito and Spike may have grown a bit since they were kittens, but they haven't outgrown their love of looking out the front door screen. Taken 11/12/10.
The Special Olympics Hamilton County Dance-a-thon is an annual tradition. Claire's not a fan of dancing, but she does smile at some of the songs, plus it's nice to see friends. Taken 11/12/10.
We braved the crowds at the Christmas Gift and Hobby Show at the fairgrounds with our friends Geoff and Jen.
We ended up in the Bundlings basement afterward where funny hats were donned and much fun was had. Taken 11/13/10.
Here's Claire devouring some tasty Norske Nook lefse that Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob brought for her when they were in town. Taken 11/14/10.
At a gathering at Zane's, Debbie tried scotch for the first time. This photo was taken before her reaction, obviously. Taken 11/21/10.
Tito loves laps and laptops. His favorite sleep position involves both. Taken 11/27/10.
Like mother, like daughter. Jill sometimes borrows her mom's awesome mismatched socks. Taken 11/30/10.
Debbie tried a keratin treatment on her hair in November. Here is her air-dried hair before the treatment, ...
... and here it is afterward. Still a little wavy, but definitely more under control. Would she do it again? Probably not. Taken 12/1/10.
Claire's a good girl at restaurants, even new ones to her like the Cheesecake Factory, but sometimes she gets a little fidgety. Taken 12/3/10.
Another birthday, another birthday hat outing with the Blackwells. In related news: the River Raft pizza is quite delicious at Cool River Pizza. Taken 12/11/10.
We took Jill to Cincinnati to buy furniture at IKEA for her first apartment, then made a long overdue trip to Graeter's for some of their delicious ice cream. Taken 12/11/10.
For Debbie's birthday, she gets to have oysters. It's a tradition dating back precisely one year. Jill had a few too, but Tom declares them to be disgusting. Taken 12/13/10.
Popular! It's all about popular! We finally got around to seeing "Wicked" when it came to the Murat. Jill and Debbie were positively giddy. Taken 12/15/10.
We attended Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser as usual. You can't beat getting a tasty breakfast and a visit with Santa when it is all for a great cause. Taken 12/18/10.
The Gale Force Software holiday party was held at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in downtown Indianapolis. The food was great, the program was excellent, and the twelve of us had a great time. Taken 12/18/10.
Debbie's parents came for Christmas, so we visited Traders Point Creamery for lunch one day. Taken 12/22/10.
Debbie's brother, sister-in-law, and nephew joined us a couple days later. We had lunch at Woody's Library Restaurant, also known as the place where Debbie has dinner with Orchard clients 26 Tuesdays per year. Taken 12/24/10.
We opened our presents on Christmas Eve, but saved our stockings for the morning. Claire loved her Elmo phone from Doug and Susan.
Jill modeled her head wrap from Mom.
Tom's family joined us for Christmas Day, and we started out with a light beer/regular beer taste test for fun. Could you have identified which of the six were light beers? We didn't do too well either.
Emily was happy to play with her big cousin Jill.
Margaret's cookie tray is the highlight of every Christmas Day. Behold its awesomeness.
Next up: Dirty Bingo, a longtime Schilling tradition that is now a part of Bundy Christmases too. Emily learned how to yell "Doubles!" after each dice roll. Next year, we'll teach her what doubles actually mean. Taken 12/25/10.
The day after Christmas, we had Laser Flash all to ourselves, so we played two private sesions of laser tag and lots of arcade games. Doug and Tom did some shooting while Bob supervised, ...
... and Stewart and Susan battled it out for air hockey supremacy.
After all that shooting and playing, we treated Susan and Stewart to their first taste of White Castle hamburgers. It was a treat, really. Taken 12/26/10.
We celebrated New Year's Eve with light-up martinis in our swim spa after Claire went to bed. If we can't go out, we just have a party at home! Taken 12/31/10.

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