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At Utopia, we saw some of our favorite singers, Edie Carey, Teddy Goldstein, Andrew Kerr, and Anne Heaton, performing together as Live From New York. Ken, Juliet, and Jeff went with us, and we met up with additional friends there. It was a terrific show. Taken 2/4/03.
At the show, we promised Andrew that we'd finally get around to taking a photo of all of us in our Andrew Kerr t-shirts, and we finally did. He was nice enough to post it in the Photos section of his website. Taken 2/23/03.
We came out of retirement to host another house concert for our good friends, Mandy and Dionne, who perform together as Kindred. Here are Mandy, Dionne, and Tyler setting up before the show. Taken 4/5/03.
Brent decided that we needed to try out a new Moroccan restaurant, so Steve, Nancy, Audrey, Brent, Gina, Heather, Michael, Jeff, and we had an evening of traditional Moroccan food. We eventually got used to eating everything with our hands and had a great time. Taken 4/16/03 at El Morocco Restaurant in Indianapolis.
We celebrated Easter in Dayton with Tom's family, including our niece, Kassidy, and our nephews, Zackary and Jack. Taken 4/20/03.
Kindred's friends and family made the trek to Columbus, IN, to see them perform at the W2W Coffeehouse fundraiser. Taken 4/26/03.
Jill got up early on Mother's Day to make breakfast in bed for Debbie. The tray was so beautiful, we had to stop to photograph it before eating all of Jill's delicious cooking. Taken 5/11/03.
That very same evening was the Survivor 6 finale. As is our custom, we gathered, donned our Survivor buffs, ate tasty food, and watched the "Survivor: Amazon" finale together. Here are Tom, Debbie, Michael, Brent, Audrey, Jeff, and Gina. Front row: Mr. Sprinkles. Taken 5/11/03.
Once again, Claire participated in the MATP portion of the Special Olympics spring games. She loves hearing her name read over the loudspeaker as she receives her medal of participation. Taken 5/17/03.
During Memorial Day weekend, Debbie attended the Indy 500 with her father and his friend. Here are Debbie and her dad on the track. Read all about it here. Taken 5/25/03.
Indianapolis had dozens of race car statues on display all over the city during the month of May, so we went out to see them the weekend of the race. Taken 5/26/03.
Since we were heading to Dallas for the weekend to attend a wedding, we added an extra day to our trip so we could visit San Antonio for the afternoon. We took the obligatory photo in front of the Alamo...
... and spent a beautiful afternoon strolling along the Riverwalk. Of course, we stopped to enjoy some excellent Mexican food at this restaurant. Taken 6/6/03.
Back in Dallas, we had a wonderful time at Debbie's friend John's wedding. We got to see many old friends from when Debbie worked at Image Sciences (now DocuCorp) in the late 80's. Here's a shot of some of the former and current ISIers. Taken 6/7/03.
At the reception, old friends John, Todd, and Jim posed for a photo.
John and his lovely new wife, Lea Anne, left the reception as guests blew bubbles instead of throwing rice.
After the reception, Tom, Debbie, Jim, Susan, Todd, and Mitch enjoyed dinner at a Mexican restaurant on Greenville Avenue, just like old times. Mitch was killed in a car accident in July 2004, so we're grateful to have fun memories of him.
Next, we headed to the post-reception party, hosted by the bride and groom in their suite, and had even more fun. Here are Todd, Susan, Mitch, John, Jim, Debbie, and Clark.
We managed to fit in some sightseeing before heading home on Sunday afternoon, stopping at the Black-Eyed Pea, some local malls, the Container Store, and finally Las Colinas, where this magnificent set of statues is located. Read all about it here. Taken 6/8/03.
We had a lovely dinner at Mandy and Dionne's home but foolishly only took a picture of the Swedish pancake-based dessert we brought with us. Taken 6/11/2003.
We spent the day with Jill at Amish Acres, a living museum in northern Indiana. While we were there, we attended a performance of the musical "The Secret Garden." We later learned that the restored barn which holds the theatre used to belong to Jill's Great-Great-Uncle Aker. Taken 6/15/03.
Harry Potter Mania! We've got it! So do our friends Mandy and Dionne. We joined in the midnight madness and waited in line at Borders until 1:30 AM to get the newest Harry Potter book. Taken 6/21/03.
Jill headed north for her annual visit to Minnesota, and saw another collection of Peanuts statues in St. Paul, this time featuring Linus. Taken 7/7/03.
Kindred performed with the talented Kara Barnard at Abe Martin Lodge in Brown County. We had a great time at the show, but had to rush off afterward ...
... to attend Dana's redneck party in Beech Grove later that evening! Taken 7/12/03.
When we heard that Christine Kane would be performing in Asheville on our seventh anniversary, we knew that a weekend in North Carolina was in order. On our way down, we stopped in Berea, Kentucky, to shop at the college student crafts store ...
... then visited the original Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant while on our way to the Cumberland Gap.
When we arrived in Asheville that evening, we checked in to the Inn on the Biltmore Estate, and had this lovely view of downtown Asheville. Taken 7/25/03.
On Saturday morning, we toured the Biltmore Estate and the Winery.
Debbie especially enjoyed the formal gardens.
Then, we drove through the Estate grounds on our way to downtown Asheville ...
... to enjoy an afternoon and evening at Bele Chere, Asheville's annual street festival.
After some shopping, a delicious dinner, and a lot of waiting, we finally got to see Christine Kane perform. We had a chance to speak with her before the show, and she was gracious as always. We've only seen her perform in house concert settings before this, so it was amazing to see the huge crowd turn out to see her. Taken 7/26/03.
The next morning, we set out for home the scenic way, starting with a gorgeous drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
As the altitude got higher and higher, we found ourselves literally in the clouds at times.
The Blue Ridge Parkway ends just before you enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We stopped to enjoy the scenery along a beautiful stream before heading into the mountains. Read all about it here.
We took the girls to the Indiana State Fair in early August. After touring many exhibits and eating many classic fair foods, we spent some time in the Midway. Although Jill preferred the wilder rides, we had a great time on the Ferris wheel. Here are Claire and Debbie on one side of the car ...
... and Tom and Jill on the other side.
The view from the top was spectacular! Taken 8/8/03.
Ken, Juliet, Jeff, and Jack came to visit us in August, so we all headed out to the Taste of Indiana festival at the White River State Park. Debbie had to get this shot of the Hersheymobile.
Next, we rented paddleboats and paddled up the canal. It turns out that Indianapolis has a beautiful river walk, too!
After a long afternoon of eating, walking, and paddling, Jack was tired, so Jill got to carry him for a while. Taken 8/23/03.
Jill loves the swim spa.
Claire has been receiving horseback therapy at Morning Dove. Here, she steals a glance at Mom while riding with her therapist and aides. Taken 8/27/03.
When we spent an afternoon painting with Audrey and Brent, Audrey was thoughtful enough to bring matching bandanas, so we could outfit ourselves in team colors, "Trading Spaces"-style. Taken 8/30/03.
Orchard Software celebrated its tenth anniversary, so Debbie helped organize the year-long celebrations, including a big party at Indiana Downs, a horse racing track. Here, some of the Orchard women wait their turn to present the Orchard cup to the race winner. Taken 9/4/03.
As we do every other year, we gathered in Wisconsin for the Schilling Reunion. Here is Debbie with her brand-new favorite first-cousin-once-removed, Isaac, who is very good at giving five. Isaac was later diagnosed with autism, so this is an amazing photo of him before the autistic symptoms began to appear.
Make that tied-for-favorite, because his sister Renee is equally good at giving ten and is just as adorable. Taken 9/19/03.
On the second evening, we gathered at Mary and Bob's lake home. There certainly are a lot of us!
The view from Mary and Bob's deck at sunset was glorious. Taken 9/19/03.
On the very first night of frost, we celebrated Audrey's birthday by playing miniature golf in 40-degree weather. We figure that it builds character. Taken 10/1/03.
A few weeks later, it was balmy summer weather as we spent the day corn mazing. Read all about Maize Maze Mayhem II. Taken 10/12/03.
Tom joined Debbie at the annual 4D Summit, held in Santa Fe. It was great to see old friends again. We had a fun party for Jeff's birthday while we were there. Taken 10/16/03.
On our way back to Albuquerque for the flight home, we took a tram to the top of Sandia Peak. Taken 10/20/03.
The next weekend, we flew out to Denver to attend a Halloween party. Also visiting were our friends, Pete and Sally from New Zealand. While our hosts, Tom and Ruth, got ready for the party, we went sightseeing in the mountains with Pete and Sally. Our first stop was lunch in Lyons, Colorado.
Next, we headed further into the mountains to beautiful Estes Park.
We were surprised to see many tame elk in Estes Park. Sally, being brave, went right up to one of them, so Debbie had to follow suit.
That evening, our charming hosts were decked out in their Halloween best. These four photos were taken 10/26/03 by Pete.
We dressed as Siegfried (Debbie) and Roy (Tom). It was in very bad taste. Photo courtesy of Other Tom.
The next morning, we had a hearty Colorado breakfast with Tom and Ruth, then went out sightseeing with them before heading to the airport. We forgot our digital camera, so we took this photo of Red Rocks Ampitheater with our video camera. Read all about it here. Taken 10/27/03.
In December, we attended Special Olympics Hamilton County's annual Breakfast with Santa fundraisers, held at Applebee's in Westfield. We got to see adorable baby Turner, held by her doting uncle Sam. Taken 12/13/03.
It's just not a Survivor finale without a buff-wearing, food-eating, shot-drinking, trash-talking party. Here, Captain Morgan joins the usual suspects for a group photo taken during the "Survivor: Pearl Islands" finale. Taken 12/14/03.
We held an early Christmas gathering for Tom's family, since we would be gone on Christmas. Here, Tom and Ken carve the crown pork roast, while Juliet offers her opinions. Taken 12/21/03.
We're slowly getting Tom's family addicted to Dirty Bingo, which has been a Schilling tradition for many years.
Jack earned another punch in his Frequent Spa Visitor punch card by taking a dip in the spa after a large Christmas dinner.
On Christmas Day, Tom, Debbie, and Jill flew to Sweden. During our layover in Stockholm, we did some sightseeing in Gamla Stan. Read all about our vacation here.
We visited Debbie's family in northern Sweden, and spent a day at an elk (moose) ranch called Älgens Hus (Elk House). Taken 12/29/03.
We also visited Burträsk, where Debbie's family originates in Sweden. We enjoyed spending time with Birgit, Kristina, David, Elina, and Edvin, shown here at the Ostens Hus (Cheese House), a cheese museum in Burträsk. Taken 12/30/03.
Next, we flew further north to the Ice Hotel above the Arctic Circle, where we spent New Year's Eve in this gorgeous ice suite. More photos and details are available on our Ice Hotel pages.
The Northern Lights were visible much of the evening and were spectacular.
We spent New Year's Eve in the Ice Hotel, and fortified ourselves for the cold night ahead by having a nightcap in the Absolut Ice Bar. Taken 12/31/03.

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