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Claire got some new mittens knitted just for her by our friend Geoff. They have button holes on both wrists, so they can be buttoned in place when she needs them to stay on, and unbuttoned on one side to remove them. Taken 1/1/11.
Jill moved back to Kent in January. Somehow, we packed half an apartment's worth of furniture into our minivan, Vanessa, most of it packed in IKEA boxes.
It was a long day of driving that started out before sunrise, ...
... but was ultimately successful with Jill moved into her new apartment. Taken 1/8/11.
Finally! It was our first sighting of a bald eagle in the wild. Yeah, we know these are common out west, but this is Indiana and it is still rare to see them here. Taken 1/9/11.
We took the kitties for their annual vet checkup. For the short drive there and back, Spike sits on the floor and cries, and Tito sits on Debbie's lap and cries. But if he's very good, Tito gets to sit on Tom's lap at the McDonald's drive thru. Taken 1/22/11.
It was a long winter filled with ice storms, but they do make everything look pretty. Taken 2/3/11.
Claire is very cuddly in the morning when she's waiting for the school bus to arrive. Taken 2/9/11.
We stopped by Drew's to celebrate his birthday, leaving only when we could no longer justify keeping the babysitter awake. Taken 2/11/11.
Awww, that Tom is a well-trained husband. Valentine's Day = roses.
Just before draining our swim spa for the season, Claire got in one last swim. She loves being in water. Taken 2/16/11.
We spent two glorious weeks in French Polynesia, starting with a night on Moorea in one of the overwater bungalows in this classic shot.
Then, we took an 11-night cruise, starting with an overnight on the island of Tahiti, then seeing ...
... Huahine, ...
... Rangiroa, ...
... Makatea, ...
... Raiatea and Taha'a, ...
... Bora Bora, ...
... Moorea again, ...
... and ending with two more nights in an overwater bungalow back on the island of Tahiti. Taken 2/20/11 - 3/4/11. Read all about it here.
After seeing a Facebook post about how much Claire loves musical cards, our friend Theresa suggested to her 7-year-old daughter that she donate her birthday cards to Claire. A short time later, a packet of cards and a sweet letter from Ella arrived in the mail and Claire was delighted. Taken 3/7/11.
We went to another Sensory Friendly Films feature, but by this time, Claire was a little tired of going to the movies so she tried to stall by hugging her stepdaddy. It was an unsuccessful ploy, but we ended up leaving "Mars Needs Moms" after 15 minutes anyway. Taken 3/12/11.
We headed up to Purdue for the FIRST Robotics competition. We had a great time watching the teams and their robots, ...
... but we had to get back to Indy for Brickworld, a LEGO fan show featuring marvels like this amazing model of Lucas Oil Stadium.
Tom changed out of his Purdue Engineering t-shirt (for the morning's Purdue fun) and into his LEGO t-shirt featuring an attached brick plate and the two new Brickworld minifigs we picked up.Taken 3/19/11.
Since it was Claire's last year of school, we took lots of pictures to capture the experience. Here's another morning of waiting for the bus, ...
... and here she is arriving at school, ...
... and here she is being escorted to the bus by her lovely aide, Missy, ...
... and here she is on the bus coming home from school. These photos were taken by her bus aide, Gail, 3/30/11 - 3/31/11.
We learned about a new accessible playground in Westfield, specially designed with the help of a local autism parent group for children with disabilities. Claire's not a kid anymore, but she still manages to fit into the larger of the two swings.
She had a great time going down the spiral slide, ...
... and running around, ...
... and walking up the easy stairs to go back down the slide again. Taken 4/2/11.
When Butler made it to the NCAA championship again, we toasted with Butler blue cocktails in our light-up martini glasses. We're classy that way. Taken 4/2/11.
We attended a glass-making exhibition and got to see glass art being created. It's an amazing process and we're glad that other people do it. Taken 4/3/11.
We returned to Claire's new favorite playground for some more twisty sliding, ...
... straight sliding, ...
... and playing with the sound-making equipment. Taken 4/6/11.
With Claire's last school year wrapping up, we got some photos of the people in her life. Here's Claire with her bus aide, Gail, ...
... and here's her trusty and kind bus driver, Ken. Taken 4/12/11.
Meanwhile, back at school, her teacher and aides were photographing her last year too. This adorable photo was featured in her yearbook.
We picked up Tom's mom in Dayton and drove to Kent to visit Jill in her apartment, ...
... then we went to Piatto Novo in Cuyahoga Falls for dinner. Why did we pick this particular restaurant?
For the gorgeous view of the falls on the Cuyahoga River, of course.
The restaurant extends over the river for a fantastic dining experience.
The next morning was Easter, so we had Easter brunch reservations at Galaxy Restaurant outside of Akron, where we were seated in this beautiful domed room. Taken 4/24/11.
During Royal Wedding week, Dunkin' Donuts offered a special Royal Wedding donut -- heart-shaped deliciousness with a fruit filling. Of course we had to try a few, and we saved two for eating at 5:30 AM on the morning of the actual wedding. Taken 4/26/11.
When Debbie's dad turned 70, she pulled together one of the finest themed collection of gifts ever, featuring a variety of things made in 1941. It was so beautiful, it had to be photographed. Taken 4/27/11.
When your friends bring over Godiva liqueur and NutLiquor peanut butter vodka, it's time for a round of peanut butter cups. Delicious peanut butter cup shots, that is. Taken 4/30/11.
Another school morning, another shot of Claire happily playing with her toy while waiting for the bus. Taken 5/2/11.
Dean's birthday celebration involved togas, pre-outing shots, ...
... and matching footwear, of course.
When we arrived at the Milano Cafe and joined the rest of the dinner guests, the birthday boy got kisses from Gina and Audrey.
After a toga-themed dinner theater experience, Audrey was the clear winner for the evening's Hammy Award, with her inspired performance of something or other.
Michelle hosted a post-dinner party at her loft in downtown Indianapolis. Much fun was had. Taken 5/13/11.
We attended the Opportunity Prom at Claire's high school. All students who have been through the Tri-County special needs school system are invited, so the guests range from current students to long-time graduates. Many Sheridan High School students volunteered to make the night a great success.
There was an amazing array of food to enjoy.
We saw Claire's longtime classmate, CeCe, who had been attending a different school this year. In true Claire-and-CeCe style, they can't be bothered to look at the camera when photographed together. They both looked beautiful in their dresses.
Claire's awesome school aides, Missy and Brooke, were there. Taken 5/14/11.
Cousin Emily turned three and had a birthday party at her grandma's house. She's not a fan of cake, so she got her very own birthday cookie instead. Taken 5/21/11.
This was Claire's final year of school since she was about to turn 22, so it was time for her to graduate (or more accurately, receive her certificate of completion). We went to her school before the ceremony, and saw her bare locker. She was the only one of her classmates to graduate this year.
Her teacher hosted a pre-graduation breakfast in her classroom.
Greg's parents, Tom's mom, Claire's aides, peer helpers, and bus aide (and husband) joined us for the celebration.
While Claire played with her new noise-making graduation frog, we tested to see if she'd leave her cap on.
Next, we put on her graduation gown and got a family portrait.
Mr. Moore had reserved seats in the first two rows for Claire's aides and family. Next to us in the front row was the family of the boy who volunteered to escort Claire during the ceremony.
Claire did a great job of waiting in the hallway with Mr. Moore before the ceremony, ...
... then she and her peer helper Gerrid walked in first and sat in the back row right in front of us. Claire managed to stay in her seat the entire time, and didn't lose her hat until she crossed the stage with Mr. Moore to receive her certificate.
Jill arranged Claire's hair for the big event. We might be biased, but we think these are the two most beautiful girls in the world.
We celebrated with a pancake lunch, ...
... followed by a stop at Claire's favorite park. Graduation Frog came along for all of it.
Back at home, Claire opened her graduation presents from Grandma Bundy and played with her electronic guitar toy from Mr. Moore, Missy, Brooke, and Lee Ann. Taken 5/28/11.
We spent a lazy afternoon tubing with Dean, Audrey, and Brent. We started with the traditional photo of our feet.
We stopped on a rocky sand bar for a little swimming in the current and some rearranging of the items on the spare tube used for cargo.
We never tire of the scene-in-the-glasses style of photography.
Stop two featured a much longer sand bar and run of water to swim in.
It was over 90 degrees out, but it was perfectly comfortable on the water, especially with a floating cooler along. Taken 6/4/11.
A chance find at a Kroger store one night led to a city-wide search of all Kroger stores until we had 50 Rubbermaid cups. After not being able to find this particular style and size of cup for nearly 10 years, we were thrilled to find it back on the market and bought as many as we could find. Why? Because this is the only style that works well for Claire. Taken 6/14/11.
We had a nice dinner with Debbie's friend John in downtown Indy. We didn't take a single photo of the evening, so here's someone else's photo of the beer sampler we enjoyed. Taken 6/20/11.
For Tom's birthday, we enjoyed some beer samplers at Tomlinson Tap Room in downtown Indy ...
... with Steve, Nancy, Brent, Anne, and Jeff, ...
... followed by dinner at Saffron Cafe for some delicious Moroccan food, where Gina and Patrick joined us.
Happy birthday, Tom!
Geoff, Jen, and Audrey joined us for the final phase of celebration in the Bundlings Basement.
Many libations were poured and enjoyed. Taken 7/2/11.
Debbie got Tom a Lego Death Star model for his birthday. It took him several weeks to put it together, ably assisted by Tito and Spike. Anytime the Luke Skywalker minifig was missing, we'd just check the floor. Taken 7/3/11.
Claire got many great presents for her birthday, including a recorded "Goodnight Moon" book that she loves. Taken 7/14/11.
We took Claire to the Indiana Robotics Invitational.
It was a lot of fun, and with all of the sounds and lights and action, Claire didn't get bored for quite a while. Taken 7/23/11.
We always celebrate our anniversary at the Don Pablo's where we met, and sometimes Claire comes along too. Taken 7/26/11.
We needed to go to Kent to help Jill move out of her apartment, and decided to make a side trip to Pittsburgh and do some sightseeing. We got in late on Thursday night, and started out Friday with a hop-on, hop-off bus tour.
We took notes on what we wanted to see up close after our tour, and headed back to this section of town later.
After the tour, we visited the Duquesne Incline to enjoy the beautiful view of the famous three rivers.
We picked up some treats from Peace, Love, and Little Donuts to tide us over until ...
... we had German pretzels and beer at the Hofbräuhaus in Pittsburgh. Orchy joined us too, of course. We had been to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich in 2010, ...
... but the one in Munich does not feature our friends Karen and Sherri. We had some beer, delicious German food, and a really great time. Read all about the trip here. Taken 7/29/11.
Back home in Indy, Debbie was on a mission to try a new recipe every week. This one was an okra shrimp gumbo. It was really good and it taught us that it is much, much easier to buy a bag of perfectly ripe frozen okra than to try to grow it ourselves and harvest it before it goes bad. Taken 8/7/11.
One night, we decided to prepare for Lego Day at Debbie's work by creating a Lego Orchy. Before we knew it, we had pulled out every Lego we own and spread them all over the living room. Taken 8/12/11.
Jill recreated a couple of her old Harry Potter Lego sets, ...
... while Tom created a wonderfully accurate Orchy.
Ruh-roh. After replacing arborvitae trees for about the hundredth time, then discarding the dead ones in the trash in our garage, we found these climbing out of the trash. There were hundreds more in the arbs that were not yet dead, and we spent the next two weeks plucking them off the trees by hand. If you see something like this, plan to do battle. Taken 8/16/11.
A new accessible playground opened close to our house, so we went to check it out. Claire liked the swing, but found the slides a little more difficult to use than at her favorite park in Westfield. Taken 8/27/11.
We spent a beautiful sunny day in Brown County enjoying an afternoon with Greg.
After lunch on the deck of Greg's cabin, we went out for a boat ride on Sweetwater Lake. Claire likes rides on her dad's boat as long as she has a toy with her.
The water was really nice so we all had a dip, even Claire, although she just dunked her feet.
It's a pretty great way to spend an afternoon. Tom agrees.
Here's a couple of good-lookin' guys. Taken 8/28/11.
Claire, Tom, Debbie and Audrey joined birthday boy Brent for birthday drinks and appetizers in Geist. Taken 9/3/11.
Debbie has had dinner with clients several Tuesdays a month at Woody's Library Restaurant for the past eight years or so. This is the place. Picture Debbie sitting on the left in the photo.
In preparation for the Schilling Reunion, Debbie made these limited edition Schilling Reunion Bami Balls, two for the silent auction and two for Dirty Bingo.
Speaking of the Schilling Reunion, here it is! It's always exciting to see our name on the Tommy Bartlett marquee.
For the Schilling-reunion-within-a-reunion, the Schilling Eight (Debbie's dad and brother and our families) went to lunch at Sprecher's where we drank the most delicious soda ever made. Fortunately, they ship this delicious beverage to Indiana.
Many Schillings gathered for the group photo, ...
... and for playing Dirty Bingo. No, we don't think it's too excessive. Taken 9/24/11.
Maize Maze Mayhem XI was held on a sunny fall day and we were once again successful in conquering a corn maze.
Debbie was in Boston in early October for a week. Good friends Ralph and Bonnie came over from Connecticut for a night of beverages and lobster rolls. Taken 10/10/11.
The next day, Debbie had lunch at Copley Plaza with Tom's friend Scot, ...
... and dinner at the Parker House with her Orchard colleagues.
Debbie took a break from the 4D Summit long enough to have some oysters at a bar around the corner from the Parker House. Boston food is delicious! Taken 10/12/11.
Jeff and Debbie flew back from Boston to Indianapolis just in time for the Orchard Software barn party, where Debbie's promotion to Vice President of Development was announced with a giant cardboard business card.
We had a wonderful time, and Claire even tolerated wearing a giant balloon hat for a few minutes. Taken 10/14/11.
Early the next morning, we were in downtown Indy for the second annual Over the Edge fundraiser for Special Olympics Indiana.
Steve and Nancy joined us for the morning as we cheered on our colleagues Kelly, David, Ryan, and Emily, ...
... and these two mascots, as they rappelled down the side of a 17-story building. Taken 10/15/11.
Next, we rushed off to Dayton that afternoon for Tom's 25th high school reunion. Here's Tom with his high school girlfriend, Kathy, ...
... and here's his friend Stephanie and her boyfriend, Ben, who were lots of fun. Taken 10/15/11.
In late October, we took a cruise of the Western Mediterranean and northern Africa, with an overnight in Barcelona, ...
... a day trip to Gibraltar, ...
... a stop at the Portuguese island of Madeira, ...
... two ports in the Canary Islands, ...
... two ports in Morocco (including a day trip to Marrakech), ...
... a day trip to Seville, Spain, ...
... and an overnight trip to Andorra. Taken 10/21/11 - 11/4/11. Read all about it here.
Being a new vice president has its perks. Debbie received a beautiful gift basket as congratulations from 4D, Inc. Taken 11/7/11.
We spend every Thanksgiving in Connersville with Tom's family, and this year, Anne's adorable new dog Charlie joined us. He's full-size but still completely a puppy inside. Taken 11/24/11.
At the Orchard Software Development department holiday party, the trivia quiz ended with a tie, so Debbie and Bobby had to rock-paper-scissors for the win. Even that ended in a tie the first four tries.
There was also much bowling, ...
... which led to bowling ball shots in the Bundlings basement afterward. Taken 12/2/11.
After last year's keratin treatment, it was time to try a Brazilian Blowout instead. Definitely works, and seems to have done a better job than the keratin at keeping Debbie's wavy hair under control. Taken 12/3/11.
Nothing says Christmas like a stack of boxes ready to send to Tennessee, Georgia, Washington, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Sweden. Taken 12/9/11.
Claire got her photo with Santa again at the annual Breakfast with Santa fundraiser for Special Olympics Hamilton County.
Mmmmm, breakfast!
That same day, we attended John and Megan's wedding in Greenwood. The Chicken Limo awaited the bride and groom after the ceremony ...
... to deliver them in style to the reception at the Murat, where the groom's sister had made a beautiful wedding cake featuring bride-and-groom Lego minifigures.
Gina and Patrick were there, ...
... and so were we. Taken 12/10/11.
The very next morning, Debbie and Gina were reunited once again for a morning of manicures and pedicures to celebrate their shared birthday.
Audrey is the queen of manicures and knows all about such things, so she helped Debbie through the terrifying process. It was Debbie's second manicure and first pedicure ever.
The results were quite lovely. Well, maybe not so lovely on Tom.
Debbie's pedicure was shown off that evening at the Gale Force Christmas Party, held in a private room at Cooper's Hawk Restaurant.
Tom received a new t-shirt that read, "I'm Sick of Being My Wife's Arm Candy." (For the record, he claims that he isn't sick of it.) Taken 12/11/11.
Debbie made Gale Force Software Bami Balls for Tom's colleagues and gave them out at the party.
Debbie also made Orchard Software Bami Balls for her staff and gave them out over the next two weeks.
A couple days later, it was time to put a halt to Christmas temporarily, and celebrate Debbie's birthday. Tom and Claire ate normal food while Debbie enjoyed a dozen oysters at Mitchell's. Taken 12/13/11.
Back to Christmas! Dean and Audrey stopped by for a pre-Christmas libation or two on 12/23/11.
On Christmas Eve, we opened our gifts from each other and from far-off friends and family. Tito inspected them carefully, looking for any ribbons that might need to be chewed.
Claire enjoyed her walking pink pig from Aunt Susan and Uncle Doug.
On Christmas Day, Claire was dressed in her finest velour bodysuit and monkey socks.
Christmas dinner is served!
Margaret brought even more cookies than usual, with two separate trays of them.
This year, Emily was big enough to understand how to play Dirty Bingo, and did quite well for herself.
We got a rare photo of all four of us as Christmas wound down.

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