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Tom spent quite a lot of time brushing snow off of our trees during one blizzard after another. This time, he was taking the time to wrap the trees in twine.
While Tom performed blizzard maintenance, Debbie stayed inside to bake some almond bread.
After a long snowfall, the patio chairs were barely recognizable. Taken 1/5/14.
We celebrated our friend Jesse's birthday at a cigar bar. Here's Debbie with her cigar selection. Taken 1/11/14.
It took hours of effort, but Tom and Debbie gathered eight years of Gale Force Software company photos, edited, printed, framed, and hung them in the break room. Behold the lovely end result. Taken 1/14/14.
We went to dinner with Jill and met her boyfriend Craig for the first time. We snuck a photo when they were busy looking at something amusing on Craig's phone.
Dinner was at Bub's, where Tom successfully finished off the Big Ugly Burger and got his photo taken. "I thought it would be bigger."
When we got home, we took a picture of Debbie and Jill with our American version of Swedish chokladbollar to send to Elina in Sweden. Taken 1/15/14.
We had Audrey and Dean over for a mini-engagement party. Cheers and congratulations! Taken 1/25/14.
While the basement carpets are being cleaned, both the chairs and Spike get to be on top of the dining table. Taken 1/26/14.
The blizzards went on forever, it seemed. But that's okay because Debbie got new mittens for Christmas. Here's an artsy photo of them on freshly fallen snow. Taken 2/4/14.
Continuing our quest of interesting ethnic restaurants, we tried Himalaya Kabob Korner. We don't remember what these were but they were delicious. Taken 2/7/14.
Debbie bought this glass piece to match the one on her cousin Kristina's grave in Sweden. Taken 2/8/14.
For Jill's birthday, there was justice for the dress. There's a story behind this, but we won't share it here.
Claire sat down next to her sister fully expecting that all birthday presents are hers to open. Taken 2/11/15.
We spent a long weekend in Las Vegas to join our friends Audrey and Dean on their wedding day. The Valentine's Day festivities involved lots of fun times, including a visit to the Minus 5 ice bar in the Monte Carlo hotel. Bryan, Becky, Gina, and Patrick joined us as well. Taken 2/14/14.
Debbie got a surprise in the mail from a client located in the Seattle area: frozen Ivar's clam chowder, complete with chowder crackers.
A week later, we had time to thaw it and have it for dinner. Oh, yes, that was tasty! Taken 2/19/14.
A week later, another surprise came from the Seattle area, this time from Debbie's brother: a bubble wrap calendar! Sure, it freaks out the cats, but it is very fun to keep up-to-date. Taken 2/26/14.
Tom's company, Gale Force Software Corporation, celebrated its eighth anniversary at the end of February.
We embarked on a 10-night cruise of the southern Caribbean, starting in Ft. Lauderdale on 2/28/14.
The cruise made stops at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas, ...
... Turks and Caicos, ...
... Dominican Republic, ...
... Bonaire, ...
... Curaçao, and ...
... Aruba. Read all about it here.
Here was another attempt to drink beer like our friend Mike taught us the previous summer. We found our own bottle of Boulevard Brewing Company's Special Limited Release Ale, Saison-Brett. Taken 3/15/14.
We introduced Claire to "Frozen" by taking away her toy and seating her on the couch. She sat transfixed for the first half of the movie. Here she is watching Elsa sing "Let It Go" for the first time. Taken 3/18/14.
Our minivan hit a major mileage milestone and we captured the moment for you. Taken 3/23/14.
Debbie discovered subscription boxes in a big way in March. Here's her first PopSugar box. What's inside? It could be anything. Taken 3/25/14.
Claire is pretty good about going to the dentist as long as she has a favorite toy and a good view of the television hanging from the ceiling. Taken 4/5/14.
An another pale attempt to emulate our friend Mike, we tried a Stone Enjoy By IPA. This one needed to be enjoyed by 4/20/14, so we got to it on 4/6/14.
Another month, another subscription box. Here was the inside of April's PopSugar Must Have box. Taken 4/11/14.
Every year, nice and early on a Saturday morning, the Carmel marathon route passes our house. It's eerily silent and if we didn't get up specifically to see it, we'd have no idea that hundreds of people were running past us over the course of an hour. Taken 4/12/14.
We helped Jill move from her Westfield apartment to her Greenwood apartment. Here is Jill getting some love from her cat Olive, who has now been adopted by Monica. Taken 4/13/14.
After three years of waiting for a failed Kickstarter project to deliver, this one, ISS-Above, was funded and delivered in less than six months and quickly became our favorite new toy. It lights up when the International Space Station flies overhead, and blinks different colors to indicate when the next fly-over will happen. It is so very cool. Taken 4/17/14.
We took Claire to a local gymnastics center for an autism fundraiser.
Claire had a nice time bouncing, jumping, and rolling on the equipment. Taken 4/19/14.
Tom's mom came over for Easter. We went out for brunch at Sahm's Restaurant with Claire, then opened a bag of tasty Easter candy from Margaret. Taken 4/20/14.
Jill and Craig began plans to get married, so Jill's friends and Debbie joined her at David's Bridal to pick out her wedding dress. Here are Hannah, Alexa, Jill, Monica, Stacy, and Debbie after the dress was chosen. Taken 4/21/14.
Lootcrate is another fun subscription box Debbie tried for a half year. Here's the April goods. Taken 4/24/14.
We have to put gifts up high to keep the cats away from the ribbon, but then Claire wonders why she can't have whatever is in the bag.
In this case, the bag was a birthday present for Dean. Here we are celebrating at Latitude 360. Taken 4/26/14.
Jill's first wedding shower was hosted by her friends. The theme was monogrammed gifts and moms were invited to attend as well. This mom-less photo includes Stacy, Morgan, Jill, Hannah, and Alexa. Taken 4/27/14.
What's this?! It's Debbie's experiment for Orchard Software's Development department's annual Science Day! From left to right, Debbie's naked egg experiment includes an egg getting its shell soaked off using vinegar (it will be a naked egg when it is done), a naked egg soaking in corn syrup (which causes it to lose water and shrink), and a naked egg soaking in water (which causes it to gain water and expand).
And just for fun, here are three naked eggs that were soaked in food coloring along with the vinegar. Taken 4/29/14.
We decided to try out some of the liqueurs we've picked up on our travels by making up a cocktail. This concoction included a pineapple liqueur from Tahiti and white Curaçao. Taken 5/4/14.
Jill and Craig chose downtown Indianapolis as the location for their engagement photos.
They also took a couple of photos to announce their upcoming arrival, due in November.
We celebrated Emily's 6th birthday at her grandparents' home, an annual tradition.
Claire enjoyed the bounce house there, as usual.
Later on, she stole Anne's heart by reaching for her and holding her hand.
Anne brought a piñata in the shape of a wave runner, and it took the kids many, many rounds of hitting it with a stick before the toys and treats finally started to fall out. The kids loved it. Taken 5/10/14.
The Orchard senior management team spent an afternoon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We spent some time in the suite of the Indy 500 Festival before touring the garages and pits.
Denise suggested kissing the fabled yard of bricks and Debbie happily joined her. The rest of the Orchard management opted against it. Taken 5/16/14.
Jill's second bridal shower was hosted by her future sister-in-law at the home of her future mother-in-law. Tom's mother, aunt, and cousin were among the guests.
Tonya joined Jill and Debbie for a photo after the shower. Taken 5/24/14.
Jill had her heart set on a barn wedding, so she ended up selecting Stonycreek Farm. Jill and Debbie visited the venue to work out logistics on 5/28/14.
When we found three different styles of barbecue sauce at the store, we knew a taste test was in our future. We slow-cooked a big batch of baby back ribs and slathered them in three different sauces. Verdict? All three were delicious! Taken 5/31/14.
Planning a wedding in three months meant that we had to work on it nearly every night. The biggest amount of time was spent creating paper flowers for the wedding bouquets. The flower petals were cut from the pages of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." The top flower of Jill's bouquet was made from the most significant lines in the book. Taken 6/2/14.
We took a break from wedding planning to travel to Minnesota for a long weekend. We started at the Mall of America where we bravely resisted the charms of the Peeps store.
We admired the huge sculptures that stand guard over the LEGO store.
The real reason for our mall visit was to see the Star Trek exhibit. No photos were allowed, so you'll just have to use your imagination.
Our next stop was Mancini's, home of the most delicious broiled lobster tail on the planet.
The main reason for our trip was to attend Debbie's 30th college reunion at Macalester College. Friday night's welcome reception was held in front of the student union and was moved indoors for a little when some rain passed through.
We had to dash early from the reception because we had a date with Debbie's friend, Gordy, from her days working at Forepaugh's restaurant in her teens, last seen nearly 30 years ago. Taken 6/6/14.
We started out early the next morning with breakfast at the Pannekoeken Hus with Debbie's dear friend, Norie.
It was off to the Four Firkins next, a wondrous place filled with many, many craft brews, ...
... including two flavors of Schilling Cider. We bought up their very limited inventory to take home with us and to distribute to relatives the next day.
We drove past the office park where of Debbie's first employer, Intran, was located, ...
... and then past the office park where Intran moved a year later.
Lunch was at Carbone's, of course, where we were joined by Debbie's friend, Tim, from her days working at Mother's Restaurant, also last seen almost 30 years ago.
We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Macalester. We joined some of Debbie's classmates in dedicating a tree to our late classmate, Todd. After the beautiful ceremony, Tom took photos with nearly everyone's camera.
Next up was the All-Class Social in the Leonard Center, where each class was called from oldest to youngest...
... and then piped to their class dinner location across campus by a member of the Macalester Pipe Band.
After a wonderful class dinner, we headed to the Great Macalester Get Together in the big tent on the lawn in front of Old Main. Taken 6/7/14.
On Sunday morning, we headed north to have lunch with Debbie's aunt, cousins, and their families. Of course, we had to get a group photo. Read all about it here. Taken 6/8/14.
Jill and Craig's wedding weekend started on Thursday when Debbie's dad, stepmother, brother, cousin, and cousin's boyfriend arrived in town. Jill and Craig joined us for dinner, followed by beer and cider samplers.
In order to properly initiate Craig into the family, we insisted that Craig do a bowling ball shot, a Schilling family tradition for many years. Taken 6/19/14.
The next day, we put Debbie's dad and brother to work measuring and cutting butcher paper table covers for the reception. When you assign a task like this to a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, and a software engineer, the result is very precisely measured paper.
That evening, we headed to the wedding venue to set up as much as we could in advance. Claire was a trouper, sitting patiently in her wheelchair and holding Wedding Bear, a teddy bear bride that Debbie modified by sewing a musical button on her dress so that she played the Wedding March when pressed.
After setup, the bridal party arrived and we started the wedding rehearsal. Here is Jill with her father and stepfather walking her down the aisle, or more accurately, down a straight line we marked on the lawn.
Here's a selection of the very attractive groomsmen and bridesmaids.
After rehearsal, we headed to downtown Noblesville for a tasty dinner at the Copper Still.
Back at Wedding Central, we rejoined our house guests. After dark, we went out into the front yard for a spectacular flyover of the International Space Station. Bob tracked the stars with an iPad app while Doug tried to get a photo of the bright light moving across the sky. Taken 6/20/14.
Early the next morning, we were back at the wedding venue to finish setting up. There was much cleaning, sweeping, and arranging to do.
The chairs for the wedding ceremony were delivered and Tom and Bob spent close to an hour setting them up in the hot sun, but when they were done, those chairs were perfectly positioned. Perfectly.
Doug and Becky were back at the house where the bride and bridesmaids were gathering and getting ready.
The wedding was beautiful and so was the bride. Here is Jill being walked down the aisle by her stepfather and father, ...
... and here she is marrying her handsome groom, Craig.
After the wedding, there were photographs, ...
... and there was kissing. Ewwwww!
Here are the grandparents and mother of the bride, ...
... and here are the uncle and stepfather of the bride. But which one is which?
Here's the happy couple with the bride's family. Claire joined us for pictures and an hour or so of the reception.
The reception was held in the large barn at Stonycreek Farm. Much fun was had. Taken 6/21/14.
Tom's colleagues enjoyed the World Cup in their conference room. Taken 6/26/14.
With the wedding behind us, it was time to focus on the little one arriving later in the year. Debbie made unique flip invitations to Jill's baby shower and sent them to all of her Schilling relatives in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
We went out with Audrey and Dean for Tom's birthday, starting with miniature golf and arcade games at Ben & Ari's, ...
... and then heading to a private bowling suite next door at Pinhead's. Taken 6/27/14.
We stayed with the arcade theme when we went out for Tom's actual birthday, this time having dinner at Latitude 39 followed by some fun at their excellent arcade. Taken 7/2/14.
The next weekend, we spent the day with Tom's mom in Dayton and visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force.
It is a huge, impressive facility with wing after wing devoted to aircraft of the past. The highlight, of course, was the wing that focused on rockets and space exploration.
This display on space food was irresistible to Debbie, who loves astronaut food in all forms.
We were thrilled to encounter the new Space Shuttle Exhibit and STEM Learning Node, open since February. It's not a real space shuttle, but it was to scale and was very cool to see.
Afterward, we visited the office building where Tom used to work at I-Net.
We had a nice dinner with Margaret at Logan's Steakhouse, then headed back to Indy. At dusk, we spotted strange lights in the sky, which turned out to be a couple dozen lanterns floating in the air far above us. Taken 7/5/14.
It arrived a little late, but it was worth it: Doug and Susan's birthday gift to Tom was a custom-label wine bottle. The label read: "ISS Wineries. Crafting wines that are out of this world." Taken 7/9/14.
Claire loves her birthday because it means getting great new toys, like this one from Grandma Bundy. Taken 7/14/14.
Here's Claire with all of the brand new pants Mom bought her with her birthday gift card from Grandpa and Grandma Schilling. Taken 7/19/14.
For our anniversary, we spent a long weekend doing the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. We started with Buffalo Trace, ...
... then toured Woodford Reserve, ...
... and visited Wild Turkey on the first day.
Saturday morning started with a tour at Four Roses, ...
... then lunch and a tour of Maker's Mark, ...
... then a tour at Willett Distillery, ...
... and finally, a tour at Heaven Hill Distilleries and the Bourbon Heritage Center.
On Sunday, we headed home by way of the Louisville Slugger Factory. Taken 7/25/14 - 7/27/14.
We also visited IKEA on our bourbon trail weekend and found this adorable kid-sized IKEA chair, just right for a future grandchild. Taken 7/29/14.
We got a new game and played a round with Jill one night. Part of the game involved drawing a word on a teammate's body, so here's Debbie's masterpiece on Jill's arm. This might be one of the finest depictions of the Hindenburg tragedy ever. Taken 8/1/14.
We put out the call for all relatives within three states to come for a baby shower weekend, and the cousins and aunts responded to the call! They brought their spouses and their kids and we had a blast. People arrived on Friday and we had dinner and played games on Friday evening. Taken 8/8/14.
The next day, we got ready for Jill's baby shower. Debbie went all Pinterest on the punch bowl ...
... but turned to Etsy for the baby-themed sugar cookies.
It was girls only upstairs for the baby shower with the exception of baby Gavin.
Gavin's big sister Lisa helped bring Jill presents to open.
Meanwhile, the boy cousins were in the basement playing darts, drinking beer, and introducing Craig to more of his new in-laws.
That evening, we played some hilarious rounds of Telestrations. Taken 8/9/14.
After everyone headed home, some of the cousins left some hand-me-downs behind. Claire did her best to figure out how these colorful items were of value to her, but ultimately decided that they weren't. Taken 8/10/14.
Cousin Laura left behind several boxes of baby clothes and toys, so Debbie and Jill had fun going through all of the goodies. Taken 8/11/14.
When the Orchard management team spent a couple of hours at the Indiana State Fair, Audrey and Debbie decided to sample the delicious deep-fried Reese's Cups, among other deep-fried treats.
Here's the Orchard team heading to the Midway for a trip on the Ferris Wheel. Taken 8/14/14.
We spent another afternoon on the Indy Brew Bus with the Sanders. This time we were joined by friends of theirs, so we posed for a photo before heading into our first stop, Flat 12 Bierworks.
We went to Bier Brewery next, ...
... then Fountain Square Brewery, ...
... finishing up at Sun King Brewing. Taken 8/16/14.
Debbie was featured in the Indianapolis Star, both online and print editions, on 8/24/14.
We discovered the game Quirkle this year. It's fun to play and the cats enjoy helping us with our game strategy. Taken 8/24/14.
We attended Drew and Kristeen's beautiful wedding on 8/30/14.
We had fun at the reception with their friend Alexandra, ...
... including a few minutes at the photobooth, ...
... and enjoyed the spooky night sky during the reception.
Once again, Orchard Software sponsored and participated in the annual Special Olympics Indiana Plane Pull. Debbie and Tom both got an opportunity to pull a plane again. Taken 9/6/14.
We drove around the Harbour Trees Golf Club to see all of the signage Jill had designed for the 2014 U.S. Women's Mid-Amateur Championship. In addition to the signage, she designed all of the other printed materials for the championship, including the booklet. Taken 9/6/14.
Jill received some baby girl clothes from Debbie's stepsister-in-law, so we had more fun sorting them all by size with help from Tito. Taken 9/18/14.
For Talk Like a Pirate Day at Orchard Software and Gale Force Software, we bought some pirate-themed cookies from a company in Barbados. They were expensive, adorable, and completely inedible. Really, really undelicious. Taken 9/19/14.
We stopped by our friend Bryan's place for a patio party, and got a quick tour of his LEGO-themed basement. Here's the Simpsons' town of Springfield represented in LEGO.
Bryan is heavily involved in Brickworld and has LEGO sculptures all over his home, such as this giant version of a LEGO minifig. Taken 9/26/14.
Happy birthday, Audrey! We celebrated with an evening of games in the Bundlings basement. Taken 9/27/14.
The theme for Jill's second baby shower was books, so Debbie bought a new copy of "Go, Dog, Go!" to match Debbie's copy and Jill's copy from when they were little.
Nicole hosted the shower and had food paired with matching books on the buffet.
There were lots of presents, ...
... and lots of guests, ...
... and an adorable baby stroller made completely out of baby gifts. Taken 9/28/14.
We went to HopCat for the annual Mac in the City alumni event. We joined six other Macalest College alumni for an evening food, beer, and conversation while other gatherings were taking place around the world. Taken 10/2/14.
The annual Orchard barn party was relocated to the Orchard office due to weather, so we enjoyed an indoor party instead. Debbie and Audry were delighted to find they were wearing complementary sweaters.
One highlight of the party were the amazing balloon animals. Nearly every girl under the age of 10 left with a balloon version of Elsa. Taken 10/3/14.
With a grandchild due in a month, Debbie was invited to a night on the town by Anne to celebrate her last days of not being a grandmother. Anne, Helen, and Debbie started downtown at the Tomlinson Tap Room, ...
... then went to O'Reilly's.
The bartender was nice enough to get a photo of us shortly before Tom joined us to drive everyone home. Taken 10/4/14.
Shortly after arriving at work, Debbie gathered her colleagues for a look at the lunar eclipse taking place.
Later that same day, Tom and Debbie were out shopping when we stopped in the parking lot to view one of three excellent flyovers of the International Space Station on consecutive nights. Taken 10/8/14.
One of Claire's favorite places to hang out is in our bedroom where she can watch her favorite story, Funny Monsters for Tea, playing on the computer in the study. Taken 10/10/14.
Here's Jill nearly eight months pregnant, hanging out on our sofa. Taken 10/11/14.
Speaking of pregnant, we attended a baby shower for Steve and Nancy, where Tom and Gina went head-to-head in a baby sock sorting game. After years of sorting kid socks, Tom was quite good at it. Taken 10/18/14.
Jill surprised everyone by going into labor 3 1/2 weeks early. She was joined at the hospital for a few hours early in the process by all three sets of parents and her sister. Taken 10/21/14.
The next morning, Kelly Irene Austin was born, weighing just 5 lbs. 6 oz.
Here she is with her proud mama a couple of hours after her arrival. Taken 10/22/14.
To give an idea of how tiny she is, here's an iPhone 5 for scale. Taken 10/26/14.
Debbie attended the annual 4D Summit, held this year in sunny San Antonion. Much fun was had. Taken 10/27/14.
Claire got a new skeleton shirt to wear to day care for Halloween. Look how cute she is in it! Taken 10/31/14.
We jump at any chance to visit baby Kelly. She's not quite two weeks old in this photo. Taken 11/2/14.
Oh, man, that's gotta hurt. After smashing his fingers and living with the pain for several days, Tom finally decided to go get it taken care of. An hour and a couple of tiny holes later, he was feelling much better. Taken 11/10/14.
In order to visualize the 17 flights that would make up our 16-day trip to Africa and the Middle East, we made this diagram, with each section of the trip color-coded.
We started out with a flight from Indianapolis to Virginia where we had a long layover at Dulles with enough time to visit the Udvar-Hazy Center, part of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, and home of Space Shuttle Discovery.
From there, we either visited or had layovers in Senegal, ...
... South Africa, ...
... Zimbabwe, ...
... Botswana, ...
... Zambia, ...
... Kenya, ...
... Tanzania, ...
... Qatar, ...
... United Arab Emirates, ...
... Oman, ...
... Bahrain, ...
... Jordan, ...
... England, ...
... and Canada. Read all about it here.
While we were gone, Jill kept us supplied with photos of one-month-old baby Kelly. Taken 11/23/14.
The annual Gale Force Software Corporation holiday dinner was held at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and we were there. This is one of four tables required to seat everyone and their dates. Taken 12/6/14.
We did a whole lot of shopping at the Special Olympics Hamilton County Holiday Bazaar and came home with a bunch of silent auction finds. Between Jill and us, we were able to find a good home for everything. Taken 12/7/14.
Kelly looked adorable in the apple hat knitted for her by Debbie's friend Jean. Taken 12/8/14.
After the Orchard Development department holiday party, the after-party took place in our basement. We had a great time drinking Malort and playing Telestrations and Cards Against Humanity. Taken 12/12/14.
Before heading out for Debbie's birthday, we discovered that Tom and Dean were wearing nearly identical shirts. Spooky!
We opened presents in the basement, ...
... one of which was a bottle of vodka with a disco ball on it, which fit with the gift theme of Dancing Queen.
After cocktails, we headed out to the Melting Pot for a fondue dinner, starting with the cheese course, ...
... then the entree, ...
... and then dessert, which involved this beautiful pot of dark and white chocolate, plus cake cubes, fruit, and marshmallows for dipping.
Our other dessert was a chocolate s'mores concoction that actually got lit on fire. Taken 12/13/14.
We keep trying new recipes. Some are excellent, some are not. This shrimp and okra gumbo was excellent. Taken 12/21/14.
This Christmas, we had two more family members, so we added two more Christmas stockings to our decorations for Craig and Kelly.
On Christmas morning, we opened our gifts before our dinner guests arrived.
We gave Craig and Jill the full set of Cards Against Humanity and the BBB to put it in.
Craig picked out some excellent Christmas-themed beers for us.
Debbie got fancy with an appetizer ring this year and Margaret loaded us up with delicious cookies.
Here's our Christmas buffet.
Great-Grandma Margaret held baby Kelly after dinner for a while.
Claire loves opening her Christmas gifts from Grandma.
We played CAH, Telestrations, and Dirty Bingo.
Here's Kelly chilling with Grandpa Tom. Taken 12/25/14.
After Christmas, we took Claire to Sahm's for some tasty ribs. Tom and Debbie held hands while waiting for our meals, and Claire reached out to join us. So cute! Taken 12/26/14.
We celebrated New Year's Eve with Audrey and Dean. Claire joined us too but spent most of her time upstairs playing in her favorite guest room. We had a rainbow theme with colorful cocktails lined up for later in the evening.
In addition to pizza, we had several spreads of appetizers including this amazing cheese spread. That's chocolate cheese on the left and yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.
Speaking of delicious, check out this gigantic Reese's peanut butter cup! It was large enough to serve all four of us.
We had one final cocktail at the stroke of midnight as we rung in the new year. Taken 12/31/14.

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